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Word Is Bond






For Fans Of

Madball, Terror, Comeback Kid, This Is Hell


Hardcore for straight edge vegans, heavy drinkers & blunt smokers.


80 / 100

Deez Nuts are back to let loose on the hardcore world with their fourth album, ‘Word Is Bond’, and just as expected, it’s the same old hardcore sound from the same old heavily tattooed boys.

This new effort is made up of 14 songs that look, feel, sound and party exactly like the Deez Nuts of old. With that being said, it’s still a good record, despite the overwhelming feeling of familiarity. However, if the band had suddenly brought in clean vocals, a fuck load of synth, ditched the hardcore aesthetic and gone full hip-hop, or had started getting all progressive on our arses then there’s a chance that fans left, right and center would disappear by the droves. So, it’s good to stick to what you know, aye?

Speaking of sticking to what you know, the references to old rap and hip hop artists like Wu-Tang Clan and Biggie Smalls are still prevalent, just like they were on the band’s previous records (‘Don’t Call It A Comeback’ or ‘It’s Like That’ anyone? Or how about the lyrics to ‘Streets Are Watching’?). Though this time round we see the band get fully into it, with JJ Peters fully quoting the chorus of Grandmaster Flash’sThe Message’ with their song of the same name. Honestly, it’s actually a pretty fucking cool moment and that song in particular is a big highlight of the album.

However, one thing that feels different this time is the drive and pulsating momentum of the record. Much like ‘It’s Like That’ or ‘Streets Are Watching’, the band has really honed in on the faster and more energetic aspects of their sound, and, as a result, the songs feel that much more refined and they seem to be more steadfast when compared with the earlier releases. ‘Word Is Bond’ is also the heaviest material the band has written to date and that bleeds into all aspects of the record – the mix, the grooves, the breakdowns, the riffs – everything feels heavier and beefier than ever before, and that only works in their favour. You can’t deny the seriously heavy vibes on ‘What’s Good‘, ‘Chess Boxin‘, and the title track. However, don’t be fooled, the band is still about having a good ol’ time, and the short, punchy ‘What I Gotta Do‘ and the sing-along drinking anthem of ‘Pour Up‘ are just two tracks that should help keep your hardcore party flowing (god, that sounded better in my head).

Having guest appearances from your mates feels like a must for the big hardcore and metalcore releases theses days, and ‘Word Is Bond’ is no different. ‘Yesterday’ features Hellions’ main boy, Dre Faivre, dropping some rhymes, and many will recognise the familiar “bleugh” of Andrew “York” Dijorio from cop-haters Stray From The Path on the bouncy ‘Party On The Hill’. Unsurprisingly though, Comeback Kid’s Andrew Neufeld pops up for a guest appearance on ‘Behind Bars‘. Oh man, yet another hardcore band having the Canadian scream away on one of their tracks, that’s new…

While this reviewer loves the absolute shit out of Comeback Kid, and while the man probably loves the high demand, and would be more than happy to be a part of his peers’ work, he’s done this for so many bands over the past couple years that it’s becoming a bit of a gimmick now. So, just as a reference, Neufeld has done guesties for Set Your Goals, While She Sleeps, The Ghost Inside, Architects, The Blackout Argument, Constants, Alhambra, Antagonist A.D, Earth Caller, and many more. He is also in A Day To Remember’s ‘All I Want’ music video, AND is now spitting words on a Deez Nuts track (for what is apparently the second time now). It’s almost scary how much of an omnipresent figure he has become within the hardcore world, and rightfully so, as he fucking kills it each and every time, but still…this is shit is just getting nuts now.

Now musically, do you really need a description of the album’s sound, like really? If you’ve heard the band before than that’s basically same sound you’ll find on here. From Peters’ vocal style, to the thick grooves, the punk/hardcore drumming, the typical distorted chord progressions – it’s all very par for the course for hardcore, but it’s still good, and that’s the consistency of Deez Nuts – familiar, but always fucking solid.


‘Word Is Bond’ is one of those records that will slowly grow on you the more and more you listen to it. For some, this is just another Deez Nuts record that sounds like the last one, and they would be right in saying that. But, much like 2013’s ‘Bout It’, this is a pretty solid, tight sounding hardcore release that has many a great moment and very few pit falls. Generic? Sure, but there’s bound to be a little something for all fans of hardcore to love on ‘Word Is Bond’, whether or not you hit the blunt hard each weekend or if you’re all ’bout the Edge.


1. Word

2. Yesterday

3. Pour Up

4. What’s Good

5. Behind Bars

6. What I Gotta Do

7. Chess Boxin’

8. Don’t Wanna Talk About It

9. Face This On My Own

10. Wrong Things Right

11. Understand

12. Party At The Hill

13. The Message

14. Word Is Bond


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