Halestorm – Into The Wild Life



Into The Wild Life


Atlantic Records




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A catchy rock album with some real themes beneath the surface.


85 / 100

Halestorm have been shooting their way up the ladder thanks to non stop touring, with the Pennsylvanians even picking up a Grammy Award along the way. For the past three years the band has been working to bring us new album ‘Into The Wild Life’, which front woman Lzzy Hale, in a manner of assertive intrigue, describes as “further down the rabbit hole of everything that is Halestorm.

…and the album starts off down that rabbit hole with ‘Scream.’ The apparent slick and sexy sound is an infectious and catchy way to begin an album. The soft, lulling ending transfers well into the album’s single, ‘I Am The Fire.’ The growling edge to the vocals exude a powerful and emotional chorus that packs a punch and contrasts beautiful with high cleans.

‘Sick Individual’ is another one that offers some memorable sounds with guitar riffs, distortion and a solid tempo sucking you in. Not every song on this full-length exudes technical and difficult instrumentals, but, with tracks like ‘Amen’ and ‘Mayhem’, we get a short glimpse of what these guys can do with that guitar and we only wish there was more.

Into The Wild Life‘ is classic hard rock in appearance, it’s dirty with a slight hint of pop and whether you love or hate it, it’s going to be something you will be humming hours later. Halestorm do, however, get real when need be and take on some acoustic tracks that play on the heart strings, namely the emotional ‘Dear Daughter.’

Closing off with lead single, ‘Apocalyptic,’ is an ideal way to complete proceedings. It’s infectious and leaves you wanting more.


‘Into The Wild Life’ is a raw and personable album in both its lyrical content and delivery. The emotion that you can feel in the vocals and grooves make this album both passionate and welcome.




I Am The Fire

Sick Individual


Dear Daughter

New Modern Love


Bad Girls World

Gonna Get Mine

The Reckoning


What Sober Couldn’t Say

I Like It Heavy

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