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85 / 100

With the abundance of often superfluous pop punk in the scene nowadays, it’s easy to write hyped up bands off with an ‘Oh my. Another one?’ Luckily, Hit The Lights aren’t just another one of them, simply because they’re really goddamn hard to turn off. They’re skilled, catchy, distinguishable and for ‘real pop punk dudes’, probably a guilty pleasure. If you’ve been waiting for an addictive record that’s upbeat and heartbroken concurrently, you’ve got your wish.

The record’s opener is catchy, like the rest of the LP, but that’s not the only place where its value lies. It’s vocals are impressive, an edgy exhibition of personality, and its lyrics follow the recipe for resonant success by being empowering and empathetic to the likely experience of 99% of Hit The Lights’ listeners. With every second listen, ‘The Real’ will be even better than you thought it was. Props to Hit The Lights for their development, which is evident particularly in this song, a hard-to-sit-still-through and nuanced yet cohesive banger. Heavy-tinged guitars mark a break in its otherwise typical upbeat sound. Another aspect of the record worth noting is its lyrics; though slightly cheesy, they’re integrity-focused and biting, which definitely isn’t a turn off.

‘Life On The Bottom’ is likewise strong and steadfast, with on-point choruses and gang vocals supporting its inclusive sound. ‘Blasphemy, Myself And I’ does the same and ‘Old Friend’ is sonically feel good. If you need a pick-up, this album’s for you. Save your money on tickets for a motivational speaker and pay for (or let’s face it, download) this record.

At the same time, the LP is like a carefully crafted collage that shows its influences (by almost every band in the scene). ‘Revolutions and Executions’ sounds like the less corny, more directional incarnation of Sleeping With Sirens we’ve been wishing for. ‘No Filter’ borrows from the aggression of bands like The Story So Far in its post-break-up bitterness (note the fantastic tempo change). ‘Keep Your Head’ embeds the authentic angst of Such Gold, and ‘Sitter’ is shaken by ripples of easycore riding it out. And yet, titular track ‘Summer Bones’ is downright poppy.

The album’s lyrics have an internal, experience focus, but it’s not all me, me, me. It’s us, us, us, and the sense of community the record engenders is the reason we all love going to shows and desperately singing about our break-ups so much.


To put it simply, the LP is diverse. It’s short, clocking in under half an hour, but ironically that makes you pay more attention to it than you normally would. It’s not particularly fresh, but if someone put together a full length that had hints of every single one of your favourite bands in it, wouldn’t you be impressed? We are.


1. Fucked Up Kids

2. The Real

3. Life On The Bottom

4. Revolutions and Executions

5. No Filter

6. Blasphemy, Myself and I

7. Summer Bones

8. Keep Your Head

9. Sitter

10. Old Friend

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  1. Matty Sievers

    Good review! Good album! However I’m really upset you didn’t mention Easycore or the Easycore Revival of 2015. We need more revivalists in music journalism!

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