A Night In Texas – The God Delusion


The God Delusion


Skull and Bones Records / Shock



For Fans Of

Thy Art Is Murder - Whitechapel - Tinnitus - Heresy


RIP Ear Drums.


80 / 100

PHAW! What a listen ‘The God Delusion‘ is! This album is heavy with a capital H and a capital V. We literally have to catch our breath after listening to this absolute monster of a record. A Night in Texas have literally made a record so goddamn heavy that we’re surprised it makes into the hearing range of the human species.

With opening music that could be placed into the beginning of any horror movie chase scene, ‘The God Delusion‘ will have you spending half an hour staring at your screen, mouth agape and eyes wide; because this is deathcore done right. And by right we mean brutal as all fuck.

The percussion pounds away like well-oiled machinery. Tight as Tupperware and then some, the drumming on this record is like that of a machine gun rapidly firing away at anything in its path; this time, it just so happens to be your ear drums. Coupled with a slick bass following in suit, the low end is lower than Tony Abbot’s morals. Whether it be a breakdown or a blast beast, A Night In Texas have got their bases covered (pun fully intended). Well, we assume there’s a bass guitar there… we can’t really hear it but we can feel it and that’s what counts.

With the low end low and the tempo speeding like a bullet train, A Night In Texas lay down some extra slick and extra smooth riffage to complete this beautiful deathcore sound bed. The guitars are piercing through your headphones just as fast and just as brutal as the rhythm section when the package become complete with the vocals. This is the PHAW moment.

Don’t quote us, but we’re pretty sure Rheese Peters is human despite the screeching and demonic like screaming this man gets up to on the record. Obviously, there’s been some dual-vocal tracking and some effects but you can’t make shit into a chocolate sundae. That is to say, this man has some serious, serious pipes on him and you cannot deny that.

All these things together make an incredible and jaw dropping deathcore symphony. And we haven’t even gotten to the best bit.

The God Delusion’ is only half an hour long.

That may sound like we’re being critical but trust us, we’re not. In a world where band’s like to write five minute songs for, well, no reason, a two and a half-minute song done well is a blessing. A Night In Texas could easily pull off much longer songs yet they don’t, because they know that in order to keep you interested, it’s gotta be straight to the point. If they did however have songs that went on and on and on then this score would drop dramatically.

This record is written fantastically and produced equally fantastically yet it is still deathcore. Even if they had 128th note blast beats (my god…), it’s still deathcore and it’s  hard to make deathcore sound fresh and original. It’s good but in the grand scheme of things that’s sadly all it is… good deathcore.

Yet, lyrically it is a stand out from most as rather than just bashing the shit out of religion and calling all Christians idiots, it actually tells a story of Satan coming from hell and taking over the world…with a little bit of religion bashing. It’s a really cleverly thought out concept that get’s the band’s beliefs across without sounding like ignorant cockbusters.


Although ‘The God Delusion’ is still an example of deathcore in its purest form, it is a good example. Each and every instrument here is not only well produced but also well executed to make everything come together in one big, giant, heretical soundscape. Just be careful not to start the album on more than half volume…ouch.


1. The God Delusion
2. Satan’s Upheaval
3. Throne Of Flies 2
4. Apostasy –
5. I, Godless –
6. Heathen (featuring Mark Poida)
7. The Priest Of Lechery
8. Death Scripture
9. The River Of Pain

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