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Machine Made The Animal


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An explosive mix of rock's many variations.


85 / 100

Hailing from Melbourne, Jericco are ever expanding. Yes, they have been this way for awhile, releasing EPs, a live album before hitting the charts with their 2013 released album, but now the direction seems clearer. Second studio album, ‘Machine Made The Animal’ is bound to further strengthen the band’s (already) prominent spot in Australia’s music scene.

‘Colour Outside The Lines‘ is immediately deceptive before the guitars kick in and take the album on an early heavy rock journey. It’s a foreshadowing of sorts as the record contains a lot of heavy moments sprinkled throughout it. However, the beauty and welcomed contrast is you can also expect a lot more variation to complement that tough exterior.

‘Between You and Me’ throws off a punk vibe with its aggressive, shouting introduction while next track ‘Machine’ includes electronic sounds. ‘Machine Made The Animal’  exudes an interesting mix of styles that are highlighted in the vocals. Smooth cleans, high pitched notes and raspy, angry tones all melt together to create some explosive rock.

Equally, the full-length maintains an upbeat and catchy persona with tracks that would transfer very well live. Moments like ‘Animal’ are lively and energetic, bound to keep the listener engaged.

Moreover, ‘Blue’ is a beautiful, stand out track. It’s slow and sombre with that chilling, high vocal style that brings a state of bliss. Sure, the album has its fun and exciting periods but this track brings things back down to earth and embraces you with chilling acoustic guitars.

Ending on ‘The Fix’, which has a hauntingly slow introduction, the alternative blueprint is maintained.

‘Machine Made The Animal‘ is an inviting and inclusive listen. It knows when to challenge the listener and it understands when to take the sensible approach. No complaints here.


‘Machine Made The Animal’ is a diverse album with everything from soft, sombre notes to heavy rock and upbeat pop influenced rock. There are so many tracks that ooze with an energy that would provide a killer live show. The varying influences show a range of techniques while the fluctuating vocal styles are simply the cherry on top.


Colour Outside The Lines
Between You And Me
Black Love
I’m Here
Looking Back
City Lights
Silk Monday
End Of 20
The Fix

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