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Path To My Grave


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"Grab a can of KYS's Chunky Hardcore today! It's got all the essential vitamins and minerals you need to crowd kill all day long!"


70 / 100

Like how the Huffington Post is constantly re-sharing shitty, time-wasting articles from shitty, time-wasting websites, the constant stream of local and international hardcore bands can be a real slog to withstand and sort through nowadays. They clog up your newsfeed’s and iTunes like how Hungry Jacks clogs up your arteries after every meal. Now, Melbourne-based boys, Aggressor are one of those countless hardcore bands going at the moment, but thankfully they don’t waste your time with their new EP, nor is their music bad for your health.

For starters, ‘Path To My Grave‘ wraps itself up in about 10 minutes and is only five songs long. So by the time this review was done, a couple of listens had passed by and that’s a good thing – this doesn’t overstay its welcome, meaning it’ll take a while before it starts to grate on your ears. It’s just a bit of a shame that the music doesn’t quite have the same sway and longevity, for what could have been one great combination of staying power over every and all listeners.

From the opening face crusher that is ‘Perished‘, you’re treated to one short blistering hardcore/metal sound that is then followed by four very similar short bursts of rage. Raw, shouted vocals, heavy metallic riffs, short song lengths, chunky grooves and breakdowns, and typical hardcore drumming is all there really is to find on this brief, but entertaining release.

This is definitely the bane (no, not the hardcore band) of more recent hardcore bands – the sheer quantity of groups going that all have such such a similar, imitating sound. You can definitely sink your teeth into this EP but you’ll be picking out mere morsels as there’s just not much new to discover after the first listen, and that’s something that other forms of heavy music do hold over bands like this.

However, with all of that being said, Aggressor have hit a really nice thrash-inspired crossover of hardcore and metal and it shows up in ‘Perished‘ and ‘Survival‘, which are arguably the best two of the five on this EP filled with un-bottled hardcore aggression.


Maybe you’re tired of browsing through social media and seeing all those fucking posts about what colour that fucking dress is and you want a release that sums up the annoyed rage inside of you and something that you can throw your fists around to in catharsis? Well then, Aggressor’s new EP ‘Path To My Grave’ is probably what you’re after, just don’t expect anything more or original from this local hardcore outfit. If you’re feeling like you need to release some anger and a shrink is too expensive, then for five dollareedoos go here and Aggressor will help you out.


1. Perished

2. Worn Thin

3. Survival

4. False Idol

5. Path To My Grave

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