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New band, new passion.


85 / 100

When bands claim that they’re authentic, it’s almost too easy to spot the ones that genuinely mean it and the ones that are doing it to push records. When The Comfort claim that they “want to be your band”, they fit firmly in the former category.

The band’s debut EP ‘Ghosts’ is filled with references to broken hearts, but it feels honest. It may be the opening track, but Tongues is the album’s lyrical highlight. With the interwoven screamed/clean vocals both passionately yelling, “I believed in you”, it’s easy to bring personal experiences to the table and feel their pain alongside them. The lyrics are the real stars here; it doesn’t get more sorrowful than the simple isolation of “I was alone every second I was with you” during Fair-Weather.

The Comfort’s screamed vocals are similar to Wade Macneil’s (Alexisonfire, Gallows) and although they may feel slightly out of place at times in the mix – notably in Closure – their power shouldn’t be underestimated when distortion is overlaid (album closer Your Light Is Not Worth Your Dark).

The EP’s production is stellar, and when the bass needs to punch through, it has its own memorable moments. All roads lead directly to the release closer though. Its fantastical instrumental crescendo, that leaves the vocals behind to let the guitars shine and the drums to pound along, is the counterpart to other album highlight Tongues.


The Comfort are real. There’s a sense of passion in their EP, and by self producing, the boys wisely chose to let the personality of the band shine through rather than making it feel artificial. Ghosts is a highly promising record that begs to be thrown on when your significant other doesn’t feel so significant anymore.


1. Tongues (Masenko)
2. Fair-Weather
3. Closure
4. The End
5. Your Light Is Not Worth The Dark

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