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Commanding and deliberate.


75 / 100

Lo! are, arguably, championing the underground movement for local heavy acts. It’s a bold and perhaps excessive claim, but one made with proper consideration and polite regard. The apparent and committed attitude of this band has made the Sydneysiders respected even if the wider appeal hasn’t reached all desired listeners just yet.

Equally, Lo! highlight a gap that exists between genres that comprise this vast ‘heavy’ umbrella. It’s unfair to call the boys metalcore, inaccurate to declare them closer to death metal and simply untrue to pigeonhole them as a mosh-styled hardcore group. It’s music, enough said. Make your judgements from what’s presented.

On new EP, ‘The Tongueless‘, what emerges is the impression that Lo! have their priorities in neat order. Whereas so many young bands want to be popular before they are good, the backwards mentality doesn’t translate to this four-track offering. Therefore, it is primary and fundamental, Lo! are concerned with one thing: writing good music.

New vocalist Sam Dillon brings his best Jens Kidman inspired tones to the band and the transition between this release and predecessor, 2013’s main-play ‘Monstrorum Historia‘ is effective without any diminishing in quality.

No Contrition‘ greets the ears warmly with clear tones, but it’s the release’s second point that’s the headline. It is the clear focal point, which informs everything before and thereafter.

Orca‘ boasts one of this year’s best music videos this side of the Pacific and the song matches accordingly. Fiercely delivered and imposing in reception, the aforementioned track is appealing and simply intense. The single (if we can conveniently label it as such) is the perfect representation of Lo! circa 2015.

Following track ‘Litmus Beings‘ unintentionally suffers slightly due to being the following act to the mammoth ‘Orca‘. Like eating McDonalds after consuming a beautiful steak meal with all the trimmings, yes, it’s still tasty and welcomed, it just doesn’t have the same impact though. Musically, the third moment in the collection is still strong and shares parallels with fellow local peers The Matador.

Closer ‘Megafauna‘ is the ideal change of pace that ‘The Tongueless‘ needed. The emotive track would not be out of place on Cult Leader’s debut album (‘Driftwood’, anyone?!)

It’s been said once (well, actually numerous times) before and will most likely be said again, the breakdown heavy, throw whatever irrelevant word in front of the suffice -core, clean chorus music of the world is tired and complete. Anyone who doesn’t think so has arrived late (and equally, ignorant) to a party that ended years ago. This EP is the defiant antibody to such tedium.

The Tongueless‘ loses points simply for being too brief. However, looking exclusively at what is created, this EP is another win for local music.


Lo! deserve to be lauded for their work ethic and the ability to translate their experience and effort into something that excels. If ‘The Tongueless’ is reflective of the upward path, it’s going to be an entertaining armchair ride as we observe how the band expands on these four competitive and contrasting tracks.


1. No Contrition

2. Orca

3. Litmus Beings

4. Megafauna

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