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Colliding Skies


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From metal to soft rock and inviting grooves, this album has a lot going on.


85 / 100

With a previous appearance at Soundwave 2014 (Perth) and an Australian tour coming up to promote their latest album, Chaos Divine have certainly been keeping busy; helping push their name in local music discussions. New offering ‘Colliding Skies’, as an introductory statement, builds on the band’s successful brand of progressive heavy rock and takes one step forward instead of two steps back.

‘Landmines’ is the friendly opener. Starting off with electronics and soft, calming vocals, it aptly showcases an immediate array of styles. A crescendo feel, with the guitars shining, allows the listener to immediately relate and engage with the musical presentation. If you’re expecting heavy styles, back to front, you may feel a little cheated early on but give it a minute or two and you’re fine.

The record has a lot of different and competing sounds throughout like in ‘Painted With Grey’. Screaming vocals and heavy music are distinguished with tracks like ‘Soldiers’ that provide a groovier rock approach. It’s contrasting, if nothing else.

‘Symbiotic’ picks up the tempo and includes some backing vocals that pack a powerful punch and equally create a bold atmosphere, while songs like ‘The Shepherd’ takes a slow approach, with the drum parts more central. The fitting aspect about ‘Colliding Skies‘ is every instrument is showcased in one song or another, from dynamic riffs and bass lines to stylistic vocals and superior percussion.

Tail-end moments including ‘Mara’ shows us a a brief moment of raw anger from Chaos Divine. The album contains so many different sounds and emotions within each song yet, thankfully, Chaos Divine manage to package them in a way that still provides overall cohesion. ‘Colliding Skies’ is a body of work that will take your senses on an impressive and enjoyable roller coaster ride.


‘Colliding Skies’ is everything a progressive album aims to be with such an array of influences still providing a skilled and consistent piece. With everything from heavy, bold riffs and screams to high pitched vocals and slow guitar grooves, this album is aurally pleasing and worth the listen.


1. Landmines
2. Badge Of Honour
3. Painted With Grey
4. Soldiers
5. Symbiotic
6. Tides
7. Before The Dawn
8. The Shepherd
9. Mara
10. With Nothing We Depart

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