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Beyond The Red Mirror


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Beyond the Red Mirror you will find some impressive power metal and grand theatrical sounds.


85 / 100

Blind Guardian have been smashing out hits for 30 years and have become a signature band when it comes to power metal. While there may be some difference opinion depending on your preference towards the group’s contemporary sounds vs their past feats, these Germans have always given it 110%. New album, ‘Beyond The Red Mirror‘ takes the listener on a journey…one that will make old fans pleased.

First track, ‘The Ninth Wave,’ begins the album with a powerful and suspenseful tone. It sets the blueprint for an album that is supported by gritty power metal with tantalising riffs. The aforementioned itself is a hyper-melodic track that takes on trademark power metal with more more modern, progressive elements thrown in.

Comparatively, ‘Twilight Of The Gods’ mixes new and old elements together, with it all coalescing into an early favourite.

Essentially, ‘Beyond the Red Mirror‘ has an ideal combination of sounds, from standard power metal to more symphonic elements and a theatrical vocal style thrown in to complement the arrangement.

At The Edge Of Time’ highlights the symphonic claims while ‘Ashes Of Eternity’ takes the tempo up a notch and provides us with guitar driven power metal. If the guitars aren’t leading the way then something is wrong, right?!

Closing with ‘Grand Parade’, which is a larger than life track that beautifully ends proceedings, the record is a reflection of a band brimming with experience. From start to finish, ‘Beyond the Red Mirror‘ is atmospheric, theatrical and all around captivating with its big, bold sounds.


‘Beyond the Red Mirror’ is an enormous, theatrical album with excelling symphonic moments that create a powerful atmosphere. The mixture of this, together with the heavy, guitar driven power metal, makes this an infectious and impressive effort from Blind Guardian.


1, The Ninth Wave

2. Twilight Of The Gods

3. Prophecies

4. At The Edge Of Time

5. Ashes Of Eternity

6. The Holy Grail

7. The Throne

8. Sacred Mind

9. Miracle Machine

10. Grand Parade

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