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Intense riffs + tight grooves create one hell of a lively and hypnotic album.


90 / 100

Torche are renowned for their prominent (and often, excelling) brand of heavy sludge and stoner rock, with the Florida outfit hitting the high notes since their formation in 2004. 2012’s ‘Harmonicraft,’ was a blend of harmonised vocals and heavier sounds. On latest release, ‘Restarter,’ this legacy of style continues with more hypnotic vocals and powerful instrumentals.

‘Annihilation Affair’ is befitting of an opener – powerful and purposeful. The stoner rock kind of vibe is again asserted early, which ensures fans will be immediately welcomed instead of instantly deterred. The guitar parts are equally as heavy and the atmosphere which continues throughout is established early. It’s a throwback with a contemporary appeal.

It’s evident that the drums adopt a significant position throughout, with ‘Bishop In Arms’ indicative of such claims. The music greets the ears at full force. This short and sweet track is again self-affirming and drives the music forward. It’s inviting and engaging, we dare the listener to keep still.

Tracks like ‘Minions’ and ‘No Servants’ take on a slower tempo with some killer grooves to create that aforementioned thick, sludgy sound. This, mixed with upbeat tracks like ‘Loose Men’, which are bound to get your jumping around, create a record with a solid balance and a song for every mood.

In 2011 guitarist Andrew Elstner joined the band and that seems to have again proved a wise decision for Torche. The guitars have taken it up a notch with catchy and interesting riffs and grooves. In essence, both historically and currently, the guitar is the driver, something that gives an album life. The ‘Restarter‘ blueprint is no different.

Coming to a close on its title track, in which the bass takes the song by force, the almost nine minute song releases a crazy dose of instrumentals from the middle onward, which are mesmerising and leave you in a state of calm yet wanting more.


‘Restarter’ is an album that is comprised of infectious sounds from every element. The guitars give it life while the powerful drum beats, ideal bass lines and the sing-a-long friendly vocals all mix together to create another stand out record.


1. Annihilation Affair
2. Bishop in Arms
3. Minions
4. Loose Men
5. Undone
6. Blasted
7. No Servants
8. Believe It
9. Barrier Hammer
10. Restarter

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