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Tasty Aussie punk.


84 / 100

The sad truth about a large portion of Australian music is that it often doesn’t sound Australian. Organ Donor are here with their latest EP Stupid Tourist’ to re-assure us that on the contrary, that’s not always the case. After all, what could be more Australian than a bunch of guys issuing homegrown, Aussie themed punk and profanity?

We’re happy to tell you that from the first track, the amplified domestic accent of Organ Donor’s vocalist is highly refreshing. It’s put to good use, too, even providing a commentary on our current political landscape. Despite the slightly xenophobic connotations of its name, titular track ‘Stupid Tourist’ voices the awkwardly blatant repetition of, ‘it’s White Australia all over again’. It also takes the mickey out of our society (shout out to our colonisers for that turn of phrase) on the fast-tempo banger ‘Humans Get High’.

Aside from its serious sentiments, this punk is also particularly irritated. ‘Don’t Do That’ is aggressive and direct, with hard, fun guitars and an extended instrumental segment that sounds like the band excelling during a jam session. ‘Private Number’ is proof that even little things can be important in songwriting, and its angst is as contagious as its energy. It flows into ‘Toothless Grin’ seamlessly – a track of jumpy, fresh guitars and graphic, disturbing detail.

The EP’s latter tracks include ‘Day Trip To West Park’, everyone’s nightmare of a day out, and ‘Loyalty Rewards’, which is a reminder that there are ‘no points for loyalty’. Presumably, this lyricist has never applied for an Everyday Rewards Card and isn’t a Frequent Flyer.


This is short, fast and loud – everything that it’s meant to be. It stays true to its Australian roots and it’s clear that Organ Donor aren’t trying to fit into a genre that will get them overseas exposure and album sales –hell, they’re giving the EP away for free. They’re playing music because they enjoy it, and we do too.


1. Forgotten

2. Don’t Do That

3. Stupid Tourist

4. Humans Get High

5. Private Number

6. Toothless Grin

7. Day Trip To West Park

8. Loyalty Rewards

9. Find Out

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