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Your parents will hate this band.


88 / 100

It’s hard to speak crowd-pleasingly about gender; making a big deal out of it is sexist, but so is ignoring it altogether. Speaking as a female, Manhunt being a female-fronted hardcore band is important. Sure, hardcore is a progressive scene, but the women to men ratio is severely lacking in equality. Hopefully, Manhunt inspires more females to express themselves on stage.

Now, onto the music.

Manhunt’s self-titled album is chaotic and edgy, apoplectic yet measured. Loaded, extended guitar strums usher the album in after a chilling first sentence: ‘I do not like the human race’. Spoken word excerpts seem to be trending in heavy music right now, but that one is proven particularly apt in the shadow of the rest of the LP.  The production quality of the record preserves its raw energy; even though the guitars in ‘Impotent’ gradually become clearer, the noise punk sound on the album still looms.

The first three tracks all ring out at the end with the effect of a malfunctioning amp, but the message isn’t diluted; Manhunt are alive and unedited.

The songs on this record are short and the screams are fitting – sharp, stunted and piercing. The words are incomprehensible but satisfying and evocative. They create an atmosphere – albeit dark – and solicit exhilarating emotions. ‘Fear Of Death’ constructs a fierce urgency that ensures that if you didn’t have one before, you will now.

Suffice to say, this is uncaring – yet acutely empowering– iron-heavy hardcore. Manhunt’s LP doesn’t have time for you, or anyone. It clocks in at 17 minutes, despite having 14 tracks, because it stays only long enough to say what it needs to and go home. Having said that, you’ll be thoroughly disappointed when the fade-out hits on ‘Blind/Outro’ and you release it’s over.

Here’s a tip: if your volume isn’t turned all the way up during Manhunt’s duration, you’re doing it wrong.


Manhunt’s record isn’t repetitious or boring –there’s no time for monotony or screwing around. True, it doesn’t stay long, but it leaves a lasting impression. Get your mosh shorts ready, because these intimidating local hardcore menaces are coming at you.


1. Web Pest

2. Impotent

3. Weak Solution

4. No Tolerance

5. Liar

6. Twitching

7. Buried Alone

8. Concealed

9. Rot

10. Fear Of Death

11. Sick (Instrumental)

12. No More

13. Who Dares Wins

14. Blind/Outro

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