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With Confidence are a band with the potential to go far.


71 / 100

To say that Sydney pop punk band With Confidence are on the rise barely acknowledges the growth in their fanbase and the success they’ve achieved over the past 12 months. The up-and-comers have been turning heads in a big way since their debut EP ‘Youth’ was released in 2013, and for good reason. There aren’t many bands with the same knack for writing edgy pop songs that these guys have displayed.

Album opener ‘Take Me Away’ has all the right ingredients. A tight rhythm section holding everything together, some killer lead guitar parts sporting fantastic tone, and a soaring chorus that could inspire even the most unenthusiastic of kids to sing along. All of this goes tenfold for the album’s lead single ‘I Will Never Wait’, which eclipses anything else the band has ever released (which we might add, isn’t to speak ill of their other material).

The tracks in between don’t sport the same shine as those previously mentioned though. ‘Drive’ and ‘London Lights’, while certainly not bad songs, seem somewhat forgettable in the context of this EP. When listening to the songs, you can’t help but feel like there’s a sort of unrealised potential in them – as if they’re merely a piece of a greater, unfinished puzzle.

EP closer ‘Godzilla’ brings things to an end in style. The chugging palm muted guitars, pounding drums, and ethereal synth sounds build together to an enormous climax before hitting a sudden cut that seems to just wrap things up in what feels like the best way possible.


With Confidence are more than deserving of the hype slowly building around them, and ‘Distance’ is testament to that. While it may be a tad forgettable at times, it more than makes up for those moments in the moments when it truly shines. Get on board with these guys now, because soon, everyone will.


1. Take Me Home

2. Drive

3. London Lights

4. I Will Never Wait

5. Godzilla

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