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Catalyst For Rage





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Furious vocals, intense solos and a go hard attitude make this album.


90 / 100

With a few EPs under their belt and a reputation in the Australian music scene for a ‘go hard or go home’ type of live show, Decimatus have worked their way up the musical ladder. With a lineup change and US management deal inked, the Melbourne boys bring us their debut full length, ‘Catalyst for Rage,’ which, much like their live shows, has a ‘leave nothing in the studio’ mentality.

After a strange introduction that sounds a bit like a sci-fi movie, the title track launches straight into the thick, catchy grooves that underpin this record. The neck is warmed up and the listener immediately engaged. Perhaps early nitpicking, but the aforementioned could have benefited from a minute or so less. Less is often more, right?! However, much like what proceeds it, this first moment is still no flimsy, half assed intro.

‘One Foot In The Grave’ switches up the vocals with less harsh screams and even includes some cleans. Cue an absolutely memorable guitar solo and catchy, sing/scream-a-long chorus with ‘Erosion’ and this album quickly goes places.

‘Burning Bridges’ simply shreds and almost every song on ‘Catalyst For Rage‘ is supported and equally represented by excelling guitar lines. Hefty breakdowns, infectious grooves and pummelling drums all support and set the blueprint for the raging, fast tempos, while the vocals add that menacing anger that makes metal real.

Reaching the end of the album, there is no lack of energy here with ‘Death Sentence (With A Plan)’ continuing the onslaught until the very end. The clean vocals mixed with the ferocity of the screams create a great balance and the changes in pace mix things up, ending the things on a fresh note.


The heavier brand of groove metal that Decimatus produce is both catchy and brutal, every song on this album is something you can see yourself moshing and head banging to in unison. The band has already secured a place in the domestic metal discussions – through the agency of their previous EPs – now, the debut album asserts a clearer intent.


1. Catalyst For Rage
2. One Foot In The Grave
3. Erosion
4. Burning Bridges
5. Ill Fated
6. Ashes To The Urn
7. Usurper
8. Fate Without Faith
9. Half Measures
10. Death Sentence (With A Plan)

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