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Daemon Pyre re-enter the local metal scene with guns-blazing.


85 / 100

Quick refresher, Daemon Pyre is a five-piece death metal outfit from Sydney who were formed from well known, As Silence Breaks. Leaving a few past member behind, Daemon Pyre are now ready to break out with purpose and enter (or perhaps, re-enter) the Australian metal scene. With a new name and line-up to match comes this debut, self-titled album, which sees the band moving in a new musical direction.

Starting with a slow 40 second introduction, it’s simply the calm before the storm. This composed piece contradicts the neck deep, raging intensity of ‘The Veil Of The Martyr’, which directly proceeds it. From immediate greetings and impressions, this feels faster, angrier and deeper than anything the boys created with As Silence Breaks.

‘Defeated’ spits out some absolutely imposing guitar riffs that bring further life to the album, while ‘Iconography’ takes the hard and fast approach with some brutally deep vocals and blasting drums. As the full-length continues, the Sydneysiders definitely display a deeper exploration into the darkest depths of death metal. It’s heavier, faster and a lot beefier.

The collection of tracks are well-placed. Just as the record might feel like it’s losing its juice and becoming repetitive you have a beauty like ‘Misanthropic Parallels’ to pick things back up. The variation in vocal styles and the infectious, engaging grooves bring the listener right back to the party.

Darkened Perceptions’, which features Jason Peppiatt of Psycroptic, increases the tempo once more ensuring a consistent delivery.

The album is loud and fast, enough said. A great way for Daemon Pyre to be rebirthed into the metal scene.


Daemon Pyre rise from the ashes of As Silence Breaks and explore the range of death metal on this debut album. It’s a dynamic and successful rebirth for the band.


1. The Nihilist Inside
2. The Veil Of The Martyr
3. Courage Burns Brightest
4. Defeated
5. Iconography
6. Beyond The Razor Wire
7. The Usurper Of Hope
8. Misanthropic Parallels
9. Tainted By The Shadow
10. Darkened Perceptions

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