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Hidden Evolution


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Thrash metal with musical depth.


75 / 100

Spanish thrash?! It certainly doesn’t have the same ring as that of the noted Bay Area scene, but Angelus Apatrida, thanks to an extensive touring schedule, are certainly putting their brand of metal on the map.

The thrash genre runs the risk, a little like death metal, of becoming repetitive and overly similar in range, however, these European heavy-hitters have always managed to produce polished and well-crafted albums. After a three year break since their predecessor they return in assertive form with latest work, ‘Hidden Evolution.’

First track, ‘Immortal’ starts off in a very traditional thrash manner. It’s fast and upbeat, proving an ideal starting point to create the energy. Although, it doesn’t feel like anything outside of the box.

‘First World Of Terror’ picks things up with a powerful, suspense building introduction followed by catchy, thrash riffs. The deep, aggressive vocals add a much needed other dimension and this song adheres to such musical requirements.

As the album progresses, you can hear the technical improvements and development that the band has gone through. There are dynamic guitar solos in tracks like ‘Architects’ and heavy metal influences and tempo changes with ‘Tug Of War.’  Conversely, if melody is more your thing look no further than ‘End Man’… not to mention the thick, sustained grooves that permeate through the whole album.

One of the interesting things about this record is its concept. This is not a ‘Sex, Drugs and Rock n Roll Thrash‘ kind of album but rather an insight on “how humans seem to easily be able to go against their own race based on various obscure interests.”  The deliberate topical lyrics mixed with the apocalyptic style cover really drives the point home.


‘Hidden Evolution’ gets off to a bit of a slow start. However, while there are stock standard thrash sounds radiating throughout, the album’s overall mixture of grooves, melodies and some prominent metal influences ensure this is a more complex and enjoyable release from Angelus Apatrida.



First World Of Terror


Tug Of War

Serpents On Parade

Wanderers Forever

End Man

Speed Of Light

I Owe You Nothing

Hidden Evolution

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