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No faith in the world and it's only the first EP.


70 / 100

Disillusionment is rife throughout Vitals‘ debut EP Insecurities. Stuck in a generation who’ve finally figured out that it’s not worth slaving in a job you hate, Vitals channel their aggression into some of the most relatable lyrical content in recent memory.

The struggle to follow a dream that society tells you to chase since an early age hits the hardest in album highlight Stomach Pains. In particular, the feeling of sheer desperation when we find out that society is ultimately the largest obstacle to achieving our dreams translates perfectly to Vitals’ painfully charged lyrics.

A thumping kick drum in album opener Selfless manages to keep the record from being overtly depressing, with a glimmer of hope as “we grow from pain” serving as the motivation to keep pushing through the day.

Irregular rhythm choices stops Insecurities from becoming a solid sludge fest, with Cheapskate changing the tempo enough times to give the listener a jolt back into the EP.

Ending with a begged, “please, please free me, I wish I lived freely”, Vitals call out the establishments who promise everything but give back nothing. Closing the album, Neglected‘s sluggish back and forth rhythm simulates a feeling of keeping up appearances, only to feel hollow on the inside when the facade melts away.  The most polarising feature of Insecurities is the vocal choice of strained screams, which work well in the album’s narrative but don’t show much variety through its six track runtime. There are some impressive lengthy yells however, that prove their vocalist is capable of improving as they continue as a band.  


For a band that are so young, Vitals are already world-weary beyond their years on Insecurities. Their debut EP paints a picture of despair, but shows promise for a band who are eager to spread their message and this passion shouldn’t be overlooked.


1. Selfless
2. Biting Nails
3. Bone Work
4. Stomach Pains
5. Cheapskate
6. Neglected

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