Wednesday 13 – Monsters Of The Universe: Come Out And Plague



Monsters Of The Universe: Come Out And Plague


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Something new and heavier but still with classic horror punk elements Wednesday is known for producing.


90 / 100

Wednesday 13 is known for his crafted brand of upbeat horror punk infused with lots of humour. It’s consistent, if nothing else. Now the king of contemporary horror punk is back for his sixth solo studio album and, this time, the musician explores completely new ground with a concept album. ‘The Dixie Dead’ took a little bit of a heavier road, now current album, ‘Monsters Of The Universe: Come Out And Plague’ takes the heavy sounds even further and explores different directions.

While Wednesday 13 has always been astute at telling stories and his songs have incorporated tales of horror, this new record presents to us a more cohesive storyline throughout the collection of tracks. It focuses largely on aliens and conspiracies which you get the feel of from the first instrumental track, ‘The Fall Of All,’ with its electronic noises.

‘Keep Watching The Skies’ is an ideal start and from this track the listener knows that they are in for something a little more menacing. It’s something different from past deliveries and musical endeavours but it still has hints of trademark Wednesday 13 through the agency of sleazy melodies and horror punk elements.

‘Astro Psycho- Gallactic Blood-Drive’ is a fast and fun song, packed with memorable riffs. Essentially, it’s one that will translate well live. Moreover, ‘Serpent Society’ is a different beast, it’s a lot slower and Wednesday’s whispering vocals are absolutely chilling. The track highlights just how much Wednesday 13 has developed and his willingness to dip his toes into new stylistic territory.

Equally, ‘I Love Watching You Die’ is another slightly slower track that is reminiscent of a ‘Transylvania 90210′ sound. More whispering vocals and a catchy chorus signpost the delivery marking this infectious track as a definite favourite from the album.

Ending on ‘Monsters of the Universe’, another heavy, chugging track with vicious and extremely catchy vocals, it proves an extremely strong end to an extremely strong album. Roman and Jack’s dynamic and engaging guitar parts along with Wednesday’s infectious vocals coupled with a great production value prove this to be one of Wednesday 13’s best efforts to date.


‘Monsters Of The Universe: Come Out And Plague’ is new territory for Wednesday 13 and it has proved to be a success. The prevalent storyline elements work well and the trademark mixture of metal and horror punk influences complement one another. As a core statement, it is heavy but still catchy, with songs that wont leave your head for days.


  1. The Fall Of All
  2. Keep Watching The Skies
  3. Astro Pyscho-Galactic Blood Drive
  4. Come Out And Plague
  5. I Aint Got Time To Bleed
  6. Bloodline 666
  7. Serpent Society
  8. Bombs, Guns And Gods – This Is A War
  9. Planet Eater – Interstellar 187
  10. I Love Watching You Die
  11. Into The Crop Circle
  12. Over Your Dead Body
  13. The Arrival
  14. Monsters Of The Universe

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