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Proof something doesn't have to be groundbreaking to excel.


95 / 100

It only seems like yesterday that local metalcore upstarts Storm the Sky released their second EP, ‘Vigilance‘. Although it was a release that deserved merit for its quality, it however played on a tired trope of metalcore bands. It utilised the same tones, structures and boring musical blueprints that many a band are still using today, which resulted in a lacklustre and underwhelming release devoid of appeal.

Yet bands grow. They are able to mature and take influence and criticism from a host of places that make way for a new and improved artist. That is the best possible description of what has happened to Storm the Sky.

Many fans of other UNFD and Rise bands will feel well and truly at home here in the arms of ‘Permanence‘ as it is clearly a metalcore album and contains all the connotations that come with it. The breakdowns, the dual screaming and clean vocals and drop tunings are all aspects of the genre that play a role in this album. Yet, Storm the Sky have added their own flavour and an array of sounds to an otherwise (very!) tired genre. At times, the songs can take on an almost post-rock texture with background ambience and tones, while at other equal moments the band brings in an undeniably addictive sense of melody and harmony that isn’t copy and pasted from every metalcore artists YouTube singles.

Permanence‘ feels like some of our own home grown talent such as In Hearts Wake and Hand of Mercy (see ‘Oh Sister feat. Jake Taylor‘) yet it still feels reminiscent of international counterparts such as Memphis May Fire, made evident by Matty Mullins‘ ideal fit in single ‘Portraits‘.

Storm the Sky know what they want to sound like and they achieved it perfectly. Whether it was for marketing purposes or the sound they envisioned in their collective hearts, it’s undeniably catchy and powerful.

The polish to the full-length is what really shines though. The drum tones are superb and feel real and present on the record without undermining the rich guitar melodies and riffs. The bass is not lost in the low end or simply not a contributing factor; it feels just as powerful and as noteworthy as the other instruments as it pounds away, helping create a blistering rhythm. Equally, the vocals are also mixed beyond compare, allowing you to feel all the emotion and passion put into them. Producer Cameron Mizell really works his magic on ‘Permanence’ and makes everything sound simply beautiful and attractive.


Storm The Sky’s debut, Permanence is not in the slightest anything new to the ears, in fact it draws on an overused sound merely reworked, but, at the same time, it is refreshing and appealing beyond anything some may have expected from this band. There was a lot of pressure placed upon them now they are signed with UNFD (in partnership with Rise Records). The record that had the potential to make or break the group has seen the local boys come out the other end unscathed.



1. Alive

2. Same Graves

3. Dead Giveaway

4. Portraits

5. Sheltered

6. If I Go

7. Oh, Sister

8. Tempest

9. Only One

10. Red Letter


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