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91 / 100

Turnstile are a band that are full of potential, and Nonstop Feeling is well and truly proof of that fact. What distinguishes them so ardently is the sheer uniqueness of their sound. With the angst of our planet’s seven billion people, the energy of a Redbull addict and the punch of an old-timer street fighter, Nonstop Feeling is everything punk this decade was yearning for.

The whole album reflects its cover – colourful, animated and sweaty. Opener ‘Gravity’ is fun and self-deprecating, yet its beat is jumpy enough to make you want to stage dive. ‘Drop’ clocks in at a minute and a half and is mostly instrumental (but lacks the filler, when-will-this-song-end effect that instrumental breaks usually have). The sharp, real drums on this album stand out, alongside its kicking vocals and well thought out guitar. For reference, check out the solo on ‘Fazed Out’, and try to keep still during that coda.

Heavier tracks include ‘Bleach Temple’ and ‘Bad Wave’. While the former is a possessor of rumbling and thundering drums, the latter is angsty but has a standout wave of fresh guitar that rides through it.

Triumphantly, Nonstop Feeling just keeps packing surprises – a different vocal style makes the heartbroken gloom of ‘Blue By You’ potent. Likewise, the instrumental ‘Love Lasso’ dramatically slows down the pace, with sad notes that speak for themselves. Your heart strings will twang along. ‘Bring It Back’ also exhibits the effectiveness of differing vocals, with deep, loud guitars keeping the rhythm beating.

Leftover foot-tapping solicitors include the explosive assault that is ‘Addicted’ and the anxiety empathising (or is it inducing?) ‘Stress’.

If you’re going to check Turnstile out, spin ‘Can’t Deny It’. By far, it wins the award for most-likely-to-headbang-along-to.


Turnstile are doing entirely their own thing, and to put it simply, Nonstop Feeling kills it. It’s fun hardcore like we haven’t seen for a long time, but it doesn’t omit the punch. ‘Out of Rage’ is contradictory, because anger definitely isn’t something that Turnstile are lacking. Is it too early to start album of the year lists?


1. Gravity

2. Drop

3. Fazed Out

4. Can’t Deny It

5. Bleach Temple

6. Bad Wave

7. Blue By You

8. Out Of Rage

9. Bring It Back

10. Addicted

11. Love Lasso

12. Stress

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