Ingested – The Architect Of Extinction



The Architect Of Extinction


Century Media Records




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Pummelling, intense and violent death metal with a few twists in between.


70 / 100

Ingested are known for their utterly intense and savage brand of death metal sounds that transition into equally energetic live shows. Their debut album, in 2009, saw the group obtain promising reviews and their fan base, rightfully so, grew immensely. While their sound has never really been a revolutionary one for the death metal scene, their catchy riffs and high energy has led them to succeed.

Back with new record, ‘The Architect Of Extinction,’ which they claim is, “Ingested in its purest form; nihilistic, slamming death metal”, it’s one in which they have found their sound on. From the first song we are hit with Jason Evans’ powerful vocals mixed with brutally fast instrumentals to support it all. It is a bold start and a track that will definitely translate well in a live scene, circle pit anybody?!

The full-length continues on in much the same fashion throughout, it’s powerful and fast, and categorically an album that was made to be played live. The continuous range of delivery, however, does see the record fall victim to feeling a little repetitive.

‘I’Despoiler,’ is a nice surprise though, mixing things up with some scatter-shot riffing while ‘Penance’ gives us a nice breather with its beautiful acoustic introduction. This track gives the album some flavour, breaking up the violence and showing that these guys are at least willing to experiment a little bit.

Within the menacing and brutal pummelling instrumentals and the mighty guttural vocals, there are some interesting guitar grooves and riffs that manage to give ‘The Architect of Extinction‘ a little bit more depth. As it comes to an end on ‘Rotten Eden’ you won’t necessarily feel like you have discovered something magnificently new or unique, but the few little quirks thrown into this death metal album make it overall pretty enjoyable.


‘The Architect Of Extinction’ provides all the intense, violent sounds that everybody loved about Ingested from their first album along with some new experiments and quirks that make it engaging. Death metal can often feel repetitive and, at some points, this album does, but the depth to it overall has the ability to grab you until the end.


1. The Divine Right Of Kings
2. Narcissistic Apathy
3. Endless Despondency
4. The Heirs To Mankind’s Atrocities
5. I, Despoiler
6. Penance
7. A Nightmare Incarnate
8. Extinction Event
9. Amongst Vermin
10. Rotted Eden

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