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Death Is Not Dead


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A captivating combination of old and new school death/thrash metal.


90 / 100

It’s crazy to think The Crown have been around for almost 25 years now and they have just completed their 8th studio album. New record, ‘Death Is Not Dead’ sees the return of the band’s original lead singer, Johan Lindstrand, and being their first album in five years, it’s not a stretch to proclaim this as highly anticipated.

The death (metal), thrash crossover is a popular genre at the moment, with so many bands and albums falling into this blanket category. With so much of it available and readily accessible (thanks Bandcamp!), making a memorable and enduring album can prove a challenge. But, this can be a positive thing. It means you have to work for the results, not just settle for complacency. For The Crown the five years in between releases has evidently done them good as they tick all the boxes that makes for a solid metal album. From great songwriting to driving vocals, it’s covered.

We start off with the short two minute intro ‘Reign’, which reminds us, strangely and perhaps loosely enough, of Manson’s ‘Sweet Dreams’ as soon as it begins with dark and ominous instrumentals. ‘Headhunter’ then takes the album up a few notches with merciless, growling vocals and insanely catchy guitar riffs.

The full-length follows on with more catchy and deliberate guitar riffs with tracks such as ‘Iblis Bane’ pumping out furiously fast instrumentals and hitting the high notes of the genre. Moreover, ‘Death Is Not Dead‘ incorporates just the right amount of old and new school thrash to create something everyone can enjoy.

The collection of tracks mix things up a little with grooves on tracks like ‘Herd Of Swine’ and the finale, ‘Godeater,’ which ends the album on a powerful note with brutal vocals and greater emphasis  on catchy guitars line that, like all good things, leave you wanting more.


‘Death Is Not Dead’ is an ideal example of what good death thrash is capable of achieving. With menacing vocals, furiously fast instrumentals and a great production, this album shows The Crown have not lost any of their energy in those five years since their last work.


1. Reign
2. Headhunter
3. Iblis Bane
4. Eternal
5. Struck By Lightning
6. Speed Kills (Full Moon Ahead)
7. Herd Of Swine
8. Horrid Ways
9. Ride To Ruin
10. Meduseld
11. Godeater

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