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Deathstars - Misfits - Wednesday 13


A catchy and playful mix of metal and modern goth revival.


80 / 100

Graveyard Rockstars are an interesting bunch of theatrically clad, modern metallers hailing from Sydney. Having slowly built a name for themselves and a fan base to match through the agency of playing lots of local shows. Anyone who has seen the live show will attest new album, ‘Doomsday,’ highlights the band put just as much effort into their recorded sound.

The full-length is very playful and, despite its heavier sound, it draws a lot of influences from traditional goth music (Wednesday 13, anyone?!), especially when it comes to the vocal style. Opening track ‘Demonatrix’ has beefy instrumentals and builds the listener up for the madness that ensues with ‘Disengage.’

‘Sleepless September’ is the familiar moment of the bunch. Having been out for a while, and is always a crowd pleaser, the song excels through its chorus. Tracks like ‘Dusk Till Dawn’ and ‘Black Widow’ provide some ideal head banging material while others namely, ‘Vow Of Silence’ provide a further areas of engagement.

Album closer, ‘The Sickness,’ wraps it all up perfectly with groove laden guitars, sludgy rhythm and another solid chorus that will translate well in a live setting. As the record concludes, it is evident that these modern goth heavy-hitters are on the musical ascent.


‘Doomsday’ is filled with considered grooves, dense guitars and a prominent vocal style that calls back on some old traditional goth rock influences. These guys have already managed to open for bands such as Deathstars and Misfits. Now, with this entertaining full length under their belt, there is no doubt that the future for Graveyard Rockstars is bright.


1. Demonatrix

2. Disengage

3. Sleepless September

4. Dusk Till Dawn

5. The Killing

6. Doomsday Anthem

7. Vow Of Silence

8. Black Widow Intro

9. Black Widow

10. The Sickness

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