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A melting pot of metal sounds with a thrashy core that will have you addicted.


90 / 100

Thrash metal is reviving and becoming an extremely popular genre to pursue once more. Cripper are a band that manage to capture everything that thrash is about, and, above all else, its trademark speed and intensity. Hailing from Germany, these guys have extensively toured Europe and put out a few albums thus far. Now with their fourth album, ‘Hyena,’ the group has come back bigger and better to develop their signature sound.

The title track greets the listener and, while it’s a little slower for the first minute and you aren’t sure what to expect, after the initial proceedings it completely throws you into the deep end. ‘Tourniquet‘ is equally as intense, with the deep, menacing vocals and the fast guitar solos emanating all things great about classic thrash.

The record however doesn’t always conform to the rules of death thrash. Instead we see Cripper broadening their horizons a little with some groove elements and slower moments all without losing any intimidating aspects.

‘Bloodshot Monkey Eye’ takes on a melodic sound, while we also have some gorier tracks like ‘Animated Flesh.’ Each song varies in its tempo and will cause the listener to have to re-adjust their head banging speed…but we promise you, you won’t hate a minute of it. Despite its grooves and slower moments, the guitars really move the full-length forward.

Finishing with ‘Pure’ is an interesting decision. It’s a seven minute long cool down after the intensity and engagement of what preceded it. However, it fits perfectly. With its doomy style riffs and seductive clean vocals it leaves you wanting more.


‘Hyena’ has so many different sounds and influences that it creates a unique and signature sound for Cripper. There guys have managed to create a melting pot of metal sounds but still always bring it home with some thrash. This is an album that will leave you hungry for more.


1. Hyena

2. Tourniquet

3. Bloodshot Monkey Eye

4. A Dime for the Establishment

5. 7″

6. Animated Flesh

7. The Origin

8. Patterns in the Sky

9. The Jackhammer

10. Patronized

11. Pure

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