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White Noise


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Paramore - Lights


Teenage girls from five years ago will freak out.


60 / 100

You have to wonder if PVRIS (pronounced “Paris”) had come along say, five years ago, if they would be a much bigger deal? For two reasons, the first, the Paramore similarity, NOT because of the female vocals simply because of the identical sound of the voice, and the second, that whole dance-rock thing everyone freaked out over for a little bit awhile ago.

Seemingly these trends have ended however; making this release seem a little late to the party. This is not to take away from the solid production and ability to write a catchy little tune that can be found on ‘White Noise,’ but more just a point of whether or not people will take notice as much.

From the openers ‘Smoke’ and ‘St. Patrick’ there is an energetic and fairly safe approach to rock music laced with enough programmed beats and synth work to crossover into a mainstream dance sound for the youth and all.

‘Holy’ stands out as the record’s most interesting track, if you were to hear this by itself it would paint a very clear image of what this band is, or could be. The song takes its instrumental cues from 80’s dance and offers a powerful, melodic vocal line which drives things along. It is within this sound that the group excels. So shed the “we wanna be badass rockers” and embrace this gritty yet sweet 80’s dance thing that you seem to be very comfortable in!

As the record moves along things hit a straight pop-near-Miley vibe on the album’s title track before simmering down for the gentle ‘Eyelids’, a song that brings in a cool little groove with a minimalist approach that works extremely well. The record closes on the more dance orientated ‘Let Them In’, a rolling drum line with constant bass kick, which combines the rock and dance elements pretty well until we come to the stock standard explosive rock chorus, which ensures that if all else fails these guys would kill it on a Twilight soundtrack, but they may have missed that bus as well.


PVRIS really may have come along a little too late with everything they are doing; despite the fact that they do it pretty well. This one however is for the kids to really decide.


1. Smoke

2. St. Patrick

3. My House

4. Holy

5. White Noise

6. Fire

7. Eyelids

8. Mirrors

9. Ghosts

10. Let Them In


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