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VOV exercise their right to breakdown and 'bleugh' out.


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It seems like every hardcore and metalcore band out there has a Bandcamp page these days, and hey, they might as well. It can make access to a bands music easier and it’s all usually free, or at least having a ‘Pay What You Wish’ option. But just like how a few clicks on YouTube sees you swimming in a sea of monotony, surrounded with bands you’ll rarely see nor hear of again, Bandcamp now has a similar issue. But one band who has more potential than just a few clicks, views and downloads is Void Of Vision.

These young Melbourne locals have had a pretty big year, what with recently touring with Hand Of Mercy and Hellions, as well as supporting some great local and international acts. Helping them gain even more traction round our soon to be boiling hot and burning country is their solid debut EP, ‘Broken Bones’. With six head-bobbingly heavy new beats, ‘Broken // Bones‘ is a another strong step for the band. Although it’s sure be a very familiar step for a lot of listeners, you can’t deny that they’re on the right path.

It’s all pretty standard stuff for a Australian metalcore band; heavy chuggs, head-banging riffs, breakdowns, some subs, a few filters, and a decent mix of raw, mid-range screams and growls. While it’s all good, the main issue of the EP is not in the song writing, but the sonics of these songs.

Unlike the single version of ‘Lifeblood’ and last year’s digital two-track, ‘Dissipate’, this EP wasn’t engineered, mixed AND mastered by Declan White (Pridelands, Ocean Grove, Storm The Sky). Instead, the band worked with former Closure In Moscow drummer, Beau McKee. However, this has resulted in the mixes not quite having as much impact as they did before, especially the new version of ‘Lifeblood’, which is still the best song they’ve written, (even with it’s weirdly placed ‘bleugh’ halfway through). Now, there isn’t a massive difference sonically, but it’s just enough to make you crave that little bit more ‘umph’ and strength from the songs. Pro-tip: compare both versions of ‘Lifeblood‘ so you can see for yourself.

With the exception of ‘Lifeblood‘, another standout is the final track, which shares the same name as the EP. Even though it’s about two minutes long with just noisy guitar feedback, subs, and vocals, it stands out the most for being the most different. Plus, it allows for the EP to do a nice full-circle trip back to its beginning. It’s the kind of song that works so well as live set opener too.

The band have also snagged up Ryan Bowles (Prepared Like A Bride) and Mason Bunt (of Pridelands) to do some sweet guest appearances for the EP, and they make both of their respective tracks stand out that little bit more. Also, just like those two bands, Void’s musicianship is pretty fucking solid. Those two groups are also some of the biggest comparisons for their music, and that’s not a bad thing but it puts Void in a rather generic boat. Now, that boat isn’t sinking, but it may be on a collision course for a paradigm-shifting iceberg in the not too distant future if it’s not careful.


Basic shit you need to know: Void Of Vision are a metalcore band from Melbourne. They sound like Rivalries, Hand Of Mercy and Pridelands all in one. They have a new EP out, and yes, it’s pretty good. While that’s all you might say about it, it’s still definitely deserving of your time.



Dead-Eye (feat. Ryan Bowles)

Life Blood


Persist // Perceive (feat. Mason Bunt)

Broken Bones

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