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Visions of Live Destruction





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A ferocious and destructive DVD that provides killer imagery against a backdrop of solid tunes.


85 / 100

Melbourne thrash metallers In Malice’s Wake have enough releases under their belt to form a musical identity. Already known for bringing a firm degree of energy to their live shows, the local lads have now taken the appropriate step and recorded a live CD/DVD, ‘Visions of Live Destruction’, which allows for everyone to experience their ideal performance.

Recorded at Melbourne’s Bendigo Hotel, he intro of chanting and yelling sets the atmosphere before throwing the listener/viewer straight into a collection of thrashy tunes. The trademark (and, expected) shot of a sea of long haired, head banging metal heads creates a fun energy that simply makes you wish you were there.

A wave of fists and more windmilling long hair greets first proper track, ‘Onslaught.’ The small venue makes for an intimate show and the band produces solid, angry thrash metal while evidently displaying obvious enthusiasm. By utilising an audience member with a GoPro attached to his head it provides an ideal tool to capture the visual appeal.

It’s self-evident that these guys know how to please a crowd, with tracks like ‘Fuel For The Fire’ whipping the crowd into an absolute frenzy. The music itself is on point with the riffs defined and a furious vocal style all delivered at such a fast pace that it makes for a great performance.  The band makes sure to thank their fans and even play a few unreleased tracks such as ‘Hear The Howls.’

The grand finale, ‘Endless Posession,’ send In Malice’s Wake out in style with an intense, brutal sound and a crowd that is still as lively as when they begun. Head banging, moshing, crowd surfing and all the insanity of a metal show is with you until the very end. These guys know how to make important music and ‘Visions of Live Destruction‘ equally demonstrates how the group is capable of injecting energy into a live set.


In Malice’s Wake produce a noteworthy live show and know how to utilise a small stage to create an enjoyable, high energy performance. The DVD element, especially with the use of a GoPro and various crowd shots, helps put you into the scene while the production of the music itself is on point. It is fast, ferocious and entertaining.


1. Intro

2. Onslaught

3. Fuel for the Fire

4. Eternal Nightfall

5. Pay the Price

6. Hear the Howls

7. The Crawling Chaos

8. Join Us and Fight

9. A Sign of the Times

10. Mental Disarray

11. Evil by Design

12. Endless Possession

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