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After a long career and many hits, Machine Head show no intention of slowing down.


95 / 100

2011 represented a significant year for Machine Head as they released ‘Unto The Locust’ which, while having its detractors, was largely well received within the metal community. Extending the scope, despite some misses along the way, the bulk of the band’s career has seen the stalwarts power onwards and upwards, and new release, ‘Bloodstone & Diamonds’ is no exception.

‘Now We Die’ starts off slowly but soon enough Robb Flynn’s trademark vocals invade the mix and a combination of fast thrash tempo guitars and some beautiful harmonies will have you head banging in sync without even realising.

If there’s one thing Machine Head know how to do it’s create suspenseful build-ups throughout this album. ‘Killers and Kings’ reveals another solid climax that is met by the sheer aggression of Flynn’s screams while ‘In Comes The Flood’ rises with intensifying guitars.

There are some hauntingly slower moments on the record that manage to give you goosebumps like the fittingly titled ’Ghosts Will Haunt My Bones.’ ‘Damage Inside’ slows it right down, it’s an ambient song and shows off the range of vocals that Flynn can pull off. Essentially, what it achieves is contrast. The track works in equal parts unison and difference from to the rest of the full-length, it is different but feels like it’s just what ‘Bloodstone & Diamonds‘ needed.

The Bay Area veterans have reached a point in their career were they have made a few albums and have managed to hone in on their signature sound. With thrash elements, a strong groove and a sense of brutality that is achieved without falling into metal cliches, these guys have managed to produce yet another killer album to add to their collection.


‘Bloodstone & Diamonds’ has everything from in your face aggression to beautifully haunting and slow moments. Machine Head have produced some important albums in the past and this one manages to combine all the best bits of their past and create something dynamic.


1. Now We Die

2. Killers & Kings

3. Ghosts Will Haunt My Bones

4. Night Of Long Knives

5. Sail Into The Black

6. Eyes Of The Dead

7. Beneath The Silt

8. In Comes The Flood

9. Damage Inside

10. Game Over

11. Imaginal Cells (instrumental)

12. Take Me Through The Fire

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