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Sometimes the key to success is going back to basics.


89 / 100

No one knows where to pigeonhole Homewrecker, and it seems that they have a foot in both the hardcore and metal camps. In the context of hardcore, ‘Circle of Death’ might be a welcome refreshment from the polarising experimentation of members of the scene. Alternatively, for metal, ‘Circle of Death’ isn’t quite a progression its a reversion, back to the roots of what makes bands like Homewrecker special. Theyre doing what heavy bands do – shredding solid, loaded guitar solos and outpouring gritty, brutal vocals and theyre doing it perfectly.

Like the cyclical ‘Circle of Death’, the album is cohesive in that it ends where it starts it begins with an extended instrumental introduction and ends, also, on a track with no vocals (though it sounds more like a malfunctioning amp than a crafted masterpiece.) In between the records start and end are gems for fans of heavy music. The titular track opens with solid electric chords weaving through dirty guitars and rapid drums, and like most songs on the record, doesn’t shape itself around vocals. They complement these songs, rather than being their foundation, a testament to the musicianship of the Ohio quartet. Like ‘Circle of Death’, ‘Illusions of Peace’, ‘Authority of the Mind’ and ‘Skin the Pig’ showcase how well Homewrecker compose and play heavy music, and how aptly the vocals are placed amid punky, pummelling riffs. As ‘Illusions of Peace’ slows down the pace, so too do the growls slow, but when it picks up, it picks up.

If you’ve given ‘Circle of Death’ a spin, you’ll understand what we mean when we say that the shorter songs it offers absolutely kill it. ‘Born to Suffer’, like most of the 20 minute record, is relatively short, but it holds you until the end with its riffs.  ‘Punish the Ignorance’ is the same a super quick, fast paced ripper. The shiner on this album, however, is ‘Silence the Weak.’  Contrastingly, its one of the longer tracks gracing ‘Circle of Death’ (if you can classify long as a song clocking in at under three minutes) but it packs a punch. Halfway through the song unwinds itself, quietening down, and then re-ignites in angst and fire. Ironically, that alone serves to prove this record is anything but a ‘conspiracy of silence.’


Undeniably, ‘Circle of Death’ isn’t a gamechanger. But it is perfect if you’re not looking for progression for people who just want solid hardcore music, with no frills and no excessive showing off. If you’ve only given it one chance, it’s imperative that you spin it again. Regardless of how innovative it is, if heavy is what you want, this album is for you. Just don’t say that we didn’t warn you when you pull a muscle from headbanging.


1. Forced Under

2. Circle of Death

3. Born to Suffer

4. Illusions of Peace

5. Authority of The Mind

6. Skin the Pig

7. Punish the Ignorance

8. Silence the Weak

9. Unconscious 

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