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Some seriously brutal death metal that pushes boundaries.


85 / 100

Four-piece Australian “brutal” death metal outfit Disentomb – having released their debut album back in 2010 – return with highly anticipated full-length, ‘Misery,’ which attempts to add some spice to a potentially over saturated  genre.

First track, ‘The Genesis of Misery’ comes at you with guns blazing, giving off serious ferocity that you can expect for the remainder of the album. These guys have created something that is heavy and brutal yet they have managed to do with with a clear production and a higher emphasis on guitar techniques that others seem to overlook.

‘An Edifice of Archbestial Impurity’ keeps the beast moving with intense gutturals and an unconventional rhythm that makes it stand out and push the boundaries. The power of the guitar and bass, the complex riffs that keep the record going and the intensity that the drums add make this some of the heaviest, yet most interesting death metal you’re likely to hear in 2014.

There are a whole range of influences to be found from the doomy sound of ‘Megaliths of Despair’ to the last two tracks, which throw in some higher vocals that add something extra and show what vocalist Jord is capable of delivering. These final moments reinforce and make this a hauntingly memorable album.


‘Misery’ shows just how much the guys in Disentomb have come since their debut album a few years back. It is technical and implies some experimental elements while keeping the best parts of the brutality that is death metal. From this album there is no doubt these guys have the ability to make it in the metal scene.


1. The Genesis Of Misery

2. An Edifice Of Archbeastial Impurity

3. Abominations Created Through Divinity

4. The Promethean Altar

5. Vultures Descend

6. Pyres Built From Their Severed Wings

7. Chthonic Gateways

8. Megaliths Of Despair

9. Forced Adornment Of The Funerary Crown

10. Sentinels Of The Bleak

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