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Modern Vintage


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An experimental and infectious brand of rock n roll.


90 / 100

‘Modern Vintage’ – the third release from Sixx: A.M. – brings something completely new to the table for rock n roll veteran Nikki Sixx and his band of musical brothers. Vocalist James Michael affirms, “Our goal was to create something which confounds both expectation and categorisation”…and this appears an apt statement. 

You could be forgiven for going into this release expecting to hear something of the heavy variety, but nevertheless this album will still engage the listener. ‘Stars’ demands your attention. Add a driving guitar solo and a solid bass line into the mix and the album sets itself up for a positive reception early on.

‘Gotta Get It Right’, the first single, is an extremely pop track. It is quite different to anything the band has really done before. It has a cheesy musical feel to it but still maintains and manages to deliver something catchy.

‘Relief’ and ‘Get Ya Some’ are both “typical” Sixx:A.M. and throw up some hypnotic sounds. ‘Let’s Go’ picks it up even more with a heavier, fun rock n roll sound while still keeping things upbeat and entertaining.

Things slow right down with ‘Drive’, a cover of The Cars’ track. The aforementioned plays heavily on synthesisers and definitely brings a rock edge to the song while still maintaining some of its original qualities.

Ending with ‘Before It’s Over‘, another strange step out of the metal/rock genre, the full-length keeps the pace and appeal. ‘Modern Vintage’ definitely shows a new side of Sixx:A.M. with some more experimental tracks and this has worked well in their favour with an infectiously catchy record. Going in, it could be easy to hate what’s on offer here, but if you take things on its own untarnished and objective merits, the record is on the right side of the ledger.


‘Modern Vintage’ combines the perfect amount of pop and upbeat, fun sounds with the dirty and gritty style of rock n roll. Sixx:A.M. took a leap of faith and have come out on top.


1. ‘Stars’

2. ‘Gotta Get It Right’

3. ‘Relief’

4. ‘Get Ya Some’

5. ‘Let’s Go’

6. ‘Drive’

7. ‘Give Me A Love’

8. ‘Hyperventilate’

9. ‘High On The Music’

10. ‘Miracle’

11. ‘Before It’s Over’

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