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Painted In Blood


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'Painted in Blood' is pure chaos and intensity. Everything that metal should be!


90 / 100

Hailing from the small Sydney based town of Wollongong, Segression have managed to get their name out there quite well for the little to no metal scene that Wollongong currently provides. They have toured with acts such as Cradle of Filth and Slipknot. Now they return with their first album in three years, ‘Painted In Blood,’ to assault and please our eardrums.

The title track throws you straight into the deep end with intense screams and pounding instrumentals. Some unexpected cleans surface add that little something extra that ensures this album has you firmly in its clutches early on.

‘Killing Kingdom’ and ‘Grounded’ provide us with something slower, building up to the chaos that is soon to unfold. ‘Pale Beneath’ moves between slow groovy guitars and heavier breakdowns while incorporating a layering of growls and clean vocals that all go together to make a solid tune. This is one that will be stuck in your head for days.

Painted In Blood‘ starts its ascent with ‘War Cry’ as the guitars start to pick up pace and the spoken vocals are delivered with some serious intensity that makes them just as powerful as the screams they eventually develop into.

The album really has something to say in every moment. ‘Picture That Feeling’ takes us back to the faster ferocity that introduced proceedings. While closer, ‘Burn This Ending,’ ends on a high note with more noteworthy vocals and riffs.

At the core, the deep scratchy vocals are really one of the highlights throughout. The collection of tracks offer some diverse techniques that keep you on the edge of your seat until the end. ‘Painted In Blood‘ is intense, angry and a whole lot of fun to bang your head to while listening.


‘Painted In Blood’ is a gripping album from start to finish, with intense and emotional vocal ranges, meaty riffs and a pounding and precise percussive section. There isn’t much to fault here. After three years you would expect something impressive from a band and these guys have no doubt delivered.


1. Painted In Blood 
2. Refuse To React 
3. Killing Kingdom 
4. Grounded 
5. Pale Beneath 
6. War Cry 
7. Scar Me Now 
8. Song 28 
9. Higher 
10. Picture That Feeling 
11. Pacenzja 
12. Burn This Ending 

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