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Intense growls and catchy grooves make this album inviting.


70 / 100

Hadal Maw have been around in the Australian metal scene for a few years now, playing shows and gaining a following. They have now finally released a debut album, ‘Senium,’ and are ready to compete with Melbourne’s ever growing metal scene.

Beginning with an intense onslaught of your standard hard and heavy death metal, ‘Aetas de Morior’ offers big riffs and even bigger vocals. The track is intense and pounding but its intervals of slower and more intricate drum and guitar work really liven it up.

These guys manage to put something into every song that keeps you listening to the end with the catchy hooks of ‘Corridors‘, the groove of ‘The Lurid’ and the impressive precision of the drums and baselines that give simple songs like ‘Dissilant’ that little something more.

The vocals give the full-length real power, setting up its intense and thunderous atmosphere. Every track has some varying styles and ranges but every moment still brings it home with a powerful and threatening death metal scream and growl.

‘Senium’ is a strong effort for Hadal Maw‘s first debut album. The production still has some work to go but these guys radiate potential and know how to make an engaging and intense sound.


‘Senium’ provides some great hooks, catchy grooves and powerful vocals that keep you interested until the end. For a debut album these guys have managed to produce some great sounds and a really atmospheric album. Hadal Maw no doubt have to potential to become big in Australia’s metal scene.


1. Aetas De Morior

2. Invisible Eye

3. Corridors

4. From the Mouths of Monsters

5. Dissent

6. Ancestry

7. Coil

8. Hypnoguise

9. The Lurid

10. Altar of Ire

11. Obsequia

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