Weezer – Everything Will Be Alright In The End



Everything Will Be Alright In The End


Republic Records



For Fans Of

Bowling For Soup, Yellowcard


A return to a simpler time....


80 / 100

For those who keep up with Weezer’s Youtube channel, you will be aware of a small series of videos the band released which relate to the themes on their ninth studio album ‘Everything Will Be Alright In the End.’ Essentially the album focuses on three main parts, all to do with frontman Rivers Cuomo‘s relationships with others, women and his father.

The themes are not gospel, nor are they really important in the scheme of things, Weezer are doing what they do best, making melodic rock music with hooks that you will remember, the themes, as with all art, are left to the user’s discretion.

The record begins with the rock stomper ‘Ain’t Got Nobody’, which recalls that Bowling For Soup-era of alternative rock, simple, rough around the edges in some cases and full of pretty melodies. It’s Weezer reverting back to their early days with a loose sense of fun about what they are doing.

The first part of the record mimics these elements. The songs are simple, a few chords, the melodies are thick, the lyrics even poke a little bit of fun at the band shrouded in truth, especially on ‘Eulogy For A Rock Band’, which in itself acknowledges that Weezer aren’t necessarily as popular as they once were.

Things mellow out a little for ‘The British Are Coming’, a song in which the guitars take the reins and bust out a jolly good solo before offering up a Weezer style love song in ‘Da Vinci’, a bright bouncy number complete with some whistling.

The trilogy of tracks that closes the album is somewhat epic by Weezer pop-rock standards, kicking off with the guitar shredding ‘The Waste Land’, in which the riffs sing classic Weezer style lines instead of the vocals, moving to the piano laden ballad ‘Anonymous’, and ending with the fast pace mess of noise that is ‘Return To Ithaka’, a truly exciting and intense, ending and possibly the band’s finest record closure to date.


If you are like us and you feel like Weezer has hit a bit of a slump of late, ‘Everything Will Be Alright In The End’ will possibly make you change your mind. It is full of classic Weezer-ness, simple but catchy songs, no stand-out classic singles, but enjoyable tunes nonetheless, which is pretty good for album number nine.


1.  Ain’t Got Nobody
2.  Back to the Shack
3.  Eulogy for a Rock Band
4.  Lonely Girl
5.  I’ve Had It Up to Here
6.  The British Are Coming
7.  Da Vinci
8.  Go Away
9.  Cleopatra
10.  Foolish Father
11.  I. The Waste Land
12.  II. Anonymous
13.  III. Return to Ithaka

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