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Butterflies, Diamonds & Lightning






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A fun EP that doesn't quite manage to distinguish itself.


70 / 100

Captives’ sophomore EP Butterflies, Diamonds & Lightning is an album full of set openers. Every track is built for when the lights go down and the band arrives on stage, ready to cut loose and unleash hell.

If any comparisons are going to be made, it’s that the Tasmanian natives are a rock and roll version of UK’s Gallows (it’s no surprise they have a track of the same name). The guitars roll on while staccato snare hits (notably in favourite track ‘Into the Future’) keep the tempo high in order for Aaron’s vocals to hit a dynamic range of melodic yells and pained lamentations on the state of the world today. A heavy bass presence is welcomed in the mix, deceptively coercing the listener into nodding their head with the slightest awareness.

The EP threatens to throw itself off kilter during its short run-time, and this may turn listeners off depending on their preference on controlled chaos. Any of the songs could be mistaken for each other, which may also serve as a detriment as Butterflies, Diamonds & Lightning tends to bleed everything together when listened to as a whole. However, these are all subjective tastes; some may love Captives’ selected sound and enjoy having an entire EP of much the same.


Captives have shown that they are capable of creating songs that beg to be played in a crowded room with beer and sweat dripping off the walls, but at this point they’ve limited themselves. However, Butterflies, Diamonds & Lightning is an enjoyable record that in no way should be completely written off for its fun and punchy elements. The band have expressed an interest in creating a diverse effort when they record a full-length, so listeners will have to wait to see what Captives can accomplish.


1. Insomnia
2. Into The Future
3. Already Dead
4. Gallows
5. Wake Me Up

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