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A fun and infectious industrial album with a hint of MIW's original metalcore.


90 / 100

Motionless In White stirred things up with their last album ‘Infamous’ which saw the band branching out and leaving die hard ‘Creatures’ fans behind while also taking a lot of hate for “copying Manson.” Their new album, ‘Reincarnate,’ is about another thousand miles away from their original sound, delving even deeper into the industrial/goth sounds they played with on their predecessor. Equally, it sees the guys finding their signature sound.

As soon as the opening track, ‘Death March’, starts the electronic and industrial influences are prominent and those who were hoping for another full blown ‘Creatures’ affair won’t find it here. This record sees Chris Motionless utilise his clean vocals but in a more aggressive and heavy style than we saw from ‘Infamous.’ 

The first half of the ‘Reincarnate‘ is something that will appeal to the fans of their “heavier” days. With the title track and ‘Puppets 3’ amping up the aggression in the riffs department and the help of Dani Filth’s vocals, these tracks hold onto the small metalcore influences that Motionless in White still keep.

‘Contemptress’ slows it down a little and is driven by Chris’ clean vocals while the featuring of Maria Brink of In This Moment shows her classic high pitched screams. This track is certainly an interesting one, showing Motionless in Whites step in a new direction. We slow it down even further with the track ‘Wasp’, which is seven minutes of seductive, electronic rhythm and an interesting vocal range.

The industrial feel continues with ‘Dead as F**k’ which feels rather Rob Zombie-esque and ‘Final Dictvm’, which features Tim Skold and incorporates EDM and synths rather heavily.

‘Reincarnate’ shows a significant step forward for the band as they branch out from generic breakdowns and into something darker. Motionless in White have no doubt come far from the metalcore rants of a rebellious teenager to an unstoppable, heavy industrial force to be reckoned with.


‘Reincarnate’ is an industrial rock machine ploughing down all your preconceived notions about Motionless in White. It retains some elements of their metalcore sound while largely taking their style in a new direction that began with Infamous and is now taking on a heavier form.


1. Death March 
2. Reincarnate 
3. Puppets 3 (The Grand Finale) (feat. Dani Filth) 
4. Unstoppable 
5. Everybody Sells Cocaine 
6. Contemptress (feat. Maria Brink) 
7. Break The Cycle 
8. Generation Lost 
9. Dark Passenger
10. Wasp 
11. Dead As Fuck 
12. Final Dictvm (feat. Tim Sköld) 
13. Carry The Torch 
14. Sinematic (Acoustic Version) [Bonus Track] 

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