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Primitive and Deadly


Southern Lord



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Earth deliver again.


85 / 100

Earth are known for pulling out new tricks every time with albums ranging from doom to psychedelic and some blues in-between. With the mesmerising riffs of Dylan Carlson and an old-school edge, Earth are back with yet another new bag of charms in the form of ‘Primitive and Deadly.’ 

Starting off with nine minutes of, what would be considered heavier instrumental for Earth, distortion makes the music feel a lot denser than in the past while the grooves really bring home the mystical, psychedelic feel.

‘There Is A Serpent Coming’ has the helping hand of some guest vocals by Mark Lanegan (ex Queens Of The Stone Age). The bluesy solos from Carlson kill it in this song but the vocals of Lanegan are pushed aside and out shined. The instrumentals are mesmerising but the vocals just don’t quite fit, much like with his later appearance on ‘Rooks Across The Gates.’

Contrastively, the vocals from Rabia Qazi in ‘From The Zodiac Light,’ however, are delivered absolutely beautifully. This song is completely engaging and moving. The vocals slot in perfectly with the slow and graceful instrumentals, this is definitely a stand out track and there is a whole 11 minutes of it!

With eight albums under their belt, it is fair to say that Earth rarely disappoint. They know how to bring it home and make themselves stand out each time. While some of the vocal choices might be questionable, this album is simply bewitching.


‘Primitive and Deadly’ is yet another album that knocks it out of the park for Earth. With drone, psychedelics and blues mixed together they make one hell of a concoction. While the vocals of Lanegan might throw things a bit out of whack the band compensate with the riffs and prevailing musical prowess throughout.


1. Torn By The Fox Of The Crescent Moon

2. There Is A Serpent Coming

3. From The Zodiacal Light

4. Even Hell Has Its Heros

5. Rooks Across The Gates

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