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90 / 100

It has been a little while since Godsmack have graced us with a new album but now, with a Soundwave appearance in their future, they have released their new album ‘1000hp.’ Despite the band’s tendency to release their albums so far apart, the group has been met with an air of success and they manage to please new and old fans alike, which again prevails on their latest album.

The album starts off raging with its hard hitting title track. The wailing chorus of “turn that shit up louder” will get you doing exactly that. It’s catchy and will ensure a bedroom head banging session. A great, high energy beginning to the album.

Cuts like ‘FML’ and ‘Generation Day’ bring in some acoustic guitars and interestingly more bluesy sounds. Then tracks like ‘What’s Next’ bring in the heavy, gritty hard rock style Godsmack are known and loved for while making heavy emphasis on solid riffs.

Nothing Comes Easy’ proves to be a memorable one as it brings something different with its instrumental hooks and distortion. Ending with the haunting ‘Turn To Stone,’ one of the more progressive tracks, the bass lines complement the slow and eerie melody that closes off the album well.

These guys have their formula down and they stick to it, and in the end it works for them with sold out shows and an array of songs that so easily get stuck in your head. ‘1000hp’ is this in a nutshell, classic and catchy Godsmack while hinting at a few new elements here and there.


‘1000hp’ is everything Godsmack are renowned for producing. It’s heavy, catchy and incorporates just enough to make it fresh yet still classic. The whole ‘if it isn’t broken, don’t fix it’ mentality actually proves to work really well for the band. This is an album that will have you singing its choruses for days to come.


1. ’1000hp’

2. ‘FML’

3. ‘Something Different’

4. ‘What’s Next?’

5. ‘Generation Day’

6. ‘Locked & Loaded’

7. ‘Livin’ in the Gray’

8. ‘I Don’t Belong’

9. ‘Nothing Comes Easy’

10. ‘Turning to Stone’

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