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Carry On The Grudge





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Chilled out and catchy as all hell.


89 / 100

It’s been five years since Jamie T released his brilliant ‘Kings & Queens’ album with the British songwriter choosing to do very little with the time since then. That is of course with the exception of making his third record ‘Carry On The Grudge,’ which brings back that laid back cockney flair, as melody heavy as ever but with more of a lean on indie rock than hip-hop as per his last outing.

If nothing else you have to enjoy the relaxed approach that Jamie T gives to his songs, they sound like he has a constant buzz, like everything was written, recorded and performed with an air of whimsical carelessness.

The opening tracks, ‘Limits Lie’ and ‘Don’t You Find’, travel at a chilled place, this is like stoner indie rock, pretty chords, catchy melodies and a cruisy beat. It’s instantly likeable as there is nothing to be offended by and you can’t help by be drawn in by the stark honesty that JT gives his song-writing.

‘Zombie’ changes the pace with its bright and boppy 60’s pop feel, Jamie turns on his accent heavy sneer when the distortion kicks in and his harmonic dual vocals provide the energy. This is followed by another slow down, the guitar and vocal driven ‘The Prophet’, a simple riff given beautiful strength by lacklustre melodies and weird vocals samples.

Things get folky in ‘Mary Lee’ before INXS are cited in the up tempo, bass driven ‘Trouble’. There seems to be this constant tussle between the soft and energetic in the album’s playlist, Jamie and his band can easily move between story-telling folk in ‘Love Is Only A Heartbeat Away’ to a swaying, clap filled sing-a-long on the chanting, ‘Murder Of Crows’.

The record closes on ‘They Told Me It Rained’, a slightly electronic number infused with finger-picked guitar, a touch of synthesised harmonica and a straight forward rock beat all of which encompass some wobbly vocals and a wide open catchy chorus line.


‘Carry On The Grudge’ may not have as many instantly attractive singles like previous effort ‘Kings & Queens’ but there is no denying Jamie T’s charm. Those who have waited with baited breath for some new tunes to chill to from the man can be happily satisfied in the knowledge that he’s successfully delivered once again.


1. Limits Lie
2. Don’t You Find
3. Turn On The Light
4. Zombie
5. The Prophet
6. Mary Lee
7. Trouble
8. Rabbit Hole
9. Peter
10. Love Is Only A Heartbeat Away
11. Murder Of Crows
12. They Told Me It Rained

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