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Venereal Dawn


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Belphegor - Dark Funeral


An interesting mix of black metal and acoustics that (mostly) works well.


75 / 100

It has been 4 years since we’ve received a new album from Dark Fortress, so, as is the general rule, their new work, ‘Venereal Dawn,’ has a lot of anticipation surrounding it. These guys have crafted a signature sound in the metal community and while they don’t tend to step outside their comfortable and assumed box, the band has always managed to execute things well enough to keep you hooked.

Venereal Dawn’ shows Dark Fortress sticking to their dark and atmospheric signature. The beginning and title track comes in at 11 minutes and sets up this atmosphere perfectly with deep clean vocals mixed together with black metal screams and an ideal level of complexity. This is one of the many long tracks on the album, as the majority of the range is positioned between 6 – 10 minutes.

Lioigor’ takes a turn and sets an interesting tone with the inclusion of some acoustic guitar work. It isn’t bad and it adds an element of depth, but feels quite far off from what is presented earlier. However, from about 1.40, the heavy instrumentals and menacing vocals kick in and we are back in business.

Chrysalis’ takes on a slower vibe gives, while its successor, ‘I Am The Jigsaw Of A Mad God‘ throws you straight into the deep end with pummelling guitars and a ferocious growl.

The Deep’ is an interesting track complete with acoustic guitar, some high clean vocals and more dark growls, it’s evident the band tried to do something different here, and points to them, but we’re not entirely sure that it works. ‘Venereal Dawn‘ ends on high note however with ‘On Fever’s Wings,’ emanating a number of haunting vocals and slow, entrancing instrumentals that come in at another 11 minutes.


‘Venereal Dawn’ is another trademark lengthy album from Dark Fortress that mostly feels like it’s worth every second. It’s dark, ferocious and also sparks an element of interest with its tempo changes and vocal styles, definitely a crowd pleaser.



1. Venereal Dawn

2. Lloigor

3. Betrayal And Vengeance

4. Chrysalis

5. I Am The Jigsaw Of A Mad God

6. The Deep

7. Odem

8. Luciform

9. On Fever’s Wings


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