Wolf – Devil Seed



Devil Seed


Century Media



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An album that re-lives and revives the old school days of heavy metal.


85 / 100

Wolf aren’t the biggest name in the business but they have established quite a good reputation for themselves in the metal community since their formation in 1999. Known for their classic brand of old school influenced metal, with consistently killer melodies and solos with every release, new album, ‘Devil Seed,’ is no exception.

‘Overture In The C’ is a perfect instrumental opener, starting the head banging already before it throws you into the wailing and catchy riffs of ‘Shark Attack.’ What works to achieve is start the album on an energetic note and soon enough you’ll find yourself screaming “warning” along with the band.

Devil Seed‘ contains solid, fast tracks but it also bring in a slower, darker vibe. ‘Skeleton Witch,’ slowly digs its claws into you and leaves you wanting more. The combination of acoustic and electric guitars here make for a sound that engages.

‘I Am Pain’ takes on an even slower vibe, with a cleaner style of vocals and some more depth to it. Contrastively, ‘Back From The Grave’ throws the listener right back into the faster, and lively old school sounds. The record is simply full of these contrasts in style and it mixes just enough progression and interest with a more standard old school tribute to make something significant.

Essentially, all these musical elements create something that is powerful, fun and full of energy. With that being said, Wolf sure picked the perfect song to end proceedings. ‘Killing Floor’ is another catchy and powerful track that will retain itself well after the final note.


‘Devil Seed’ is a combination of old school heavy metal influences and shows precisely what Wolf do best. It’s powerful, energetic and a complete classic flavour, while still bringing in some depth and progression into the slower, more complex songs. Did we mention it’s catchy as hell?!


  1. Overture in C Shark
  2. Shark Attack
  3. Skeleton Woman
  4. Surgeons Of Lobotomy
  5. My Demon
  6. I Am Pain
  7. Back From The Grave
  8. The Dark Passenger
  9. River Everlost
  10. Frozen
  11. Killing Floor

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