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A Change In The Weather





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The Sweet Apes go out on a bang!


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It’s bittersweet from the very beginning here. With the announcement of  ‘The Change In the Weather‘ came the news these young Sydney-siders are calling it quits later this year. This is however, the only criticism of the new EP from The Sweet Apes – knowing it’s the end for the five-piece. But what an end to have!

A Change in the Weather‘ is the group’s brilliant post-hardcore sound with a far better mix leading the charge. ‘Kid Myself‘ and ‘Flight‘ are proof of this and are what this band are all about: pop-punk guitar riffs and catchy choruses, soaring vocals and melodies, a hardcore drum style – complete with breakdowns and double kicks. ‘Kid Myself‘ is a great first taste of the EP but it’s ‘Flight‘ that makes you pay attention. This has been kicking around for a while now as the band’s latest single – even getting a spot on Channel [V]’s Loud program – and it’s still a solid song months after it’s initial release.

With the angelic voice of lead singer, Ray Vavasis, the band has always been compared to fellow Aussies Tonight Alive, but The Sweet Apes have always, ALWAYS left their fellow contemporaries for dead. Look no further than the aforementioned ‘Flight‘ or ‘Nobody Knows‘, in fact, it’s easy to say that the whole EP is proof enough.

When You’re Gone‘ is a more emotional, more dynamic song in direct comparison to the band’s other work (excluding the acoustic beauty of ‘Mind’s Time‘). Last song, ‘Nobody Knows‘, is easily the best moment on the EP and it winds the release down so well that you’ll be left begging for more. It also has the strongest chorus of the EP with the accompanying lyrics of, “You waste time to know where it goes, searching, you’re consciousness turns into inanity that continues to grow. You’re asking but nobody knows”. It’s hook-laden and catchy, it’s powerful, it’s spine-tingling and it’s The Sweet Apes at their very best.

Since this is the last we will see of The Sweet Apes, make sure you try and catch them on their last run of dates this September, you will not regret it.


The band’s debut EP is also their final calling call. Despite its short length, ‘A Change in the Weather’ is an ideal EP. It also shows just how far the band could have, and should have gone with their A-class sound. But, all good things must come to an end.


1. Kid Myself

2. Flight

3. When You’re Gone

4. Nobody Knows

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