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Microscopic Wars


Dew Process




For Fans Of

Queens of the Stone Age - Foo Fighters


A rollercoaster of quality rock.


87 / 100

It seems like Kingswood should have released an album already? It feels as though the band has been around for a while thanks to the longevity of their radio singles and constant touring but it isn’t until now that they are ready to release debut full length ‘Microscopic Wars.’

The record begins with fast paced drumming, rough distorted guitars on the verge of feedback and the vocal melodies slicing right down the middle. When the mid-section of ‘All Too Much’ slows down for a spaced out break-down it feels as though Kingswood are ready to let a varied range of influences fly on their debut.

Second track and first single ‘Sucker Punch’ takes their messed up guitars tones one step further in a stroke of brilliance. Channelling Queens of the Stone Age the group portrays a large amount of groove with very little components in what is an album highlight. ‘Micro Wars’ lightens and equally brightens things up a bit. The guitar tones are a little cleaner and the bass line gives off a summertime vibe that deserves some Corona’s and a beach. The band also shows off some impressive vocal harmonisation.

The interesting thing about Kingswood‘s music is that where they could easily fall into a straight forward radio rock trap, overuse their olden day influences and become the next Wolfmother, they instead opt to put as many twists and turns in as possible while maintaining a cohesive edge to their music that is utterly enjoyable.

‘Side To Side’ is an off kilter waltz that explodes in moments of frantic glory followed by the soundtrack to a weird horror carnival in ‘Tremor. The thirteen track effort rounds out with ‘Piece By Piece’, a touch of blues rock and smoky swagger that confirms the amazing guitar work strewn throughout the record before the final moment, ‘Chronos’, the return of the fucked up guitar sounds that work an absolute charm and in this case, blow the world apart with pure power. A slow and heavy groove that probably deserves two spins before you play the record again from the beginning.


If the little tastes we’ve had of Kingswood were enough for us to take an interest in the band, ‘Microscopic Wars’ will make us fall in love with them.



1. All Too Much

2. Sucker Punch

3. I Can Feel That You Don’t Love Me

4. Micro Wars

5. So Long

6. Ohio

7. Hours

8. Side To Side

9. Tremor

10. Eye Of The Storm

11. She’s My Baby

12. Piece By Piece

13. Chronos


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