Mayweather – Take Back Everything



Take Back Everything






For Fans Of

Taking Back Sunday, Rise Against


A solid offering of Australian melodic punk


68 / 100

Within moments of pressing play on album opener and title track ‘Take Back Everything’, you can hear the raw, unproduced approach that Mayweather have taken in creating their latest EP. On the first listen of the EP, it can seem a bit jarring, and even difficult to listen to, but given a chance, it can really grow on you. Mix that in with the band’s driving guitars and catchy vocal hooks and you’ve got yourself a winning combination.

Whereas the first two tracks (‘Take Back Everything’ and ‘Horror Scene’) rely on a straight up, no-nonsense fast paced melodic punk style, ‘Lions Cage’ sees the band playing around a bit more with dynamics, with the contrast of Tommy Woolcock’s wailing vocals against the near empty verses providing a great kind of emotional intensity, and one that in some ways carries throughout the entire song.

The closing track and lead single of the EP, ‘Renegade’ is possibly the most memorable of all five tracks. The track is the final burst of energy that the EP not only requires, but practically demands, and boasts a chorus that is liable to play through your head for days at a time after listening.


‘Take Back Everything’ isn’t an EP that is likely to win you over the moment that you listen to it, but if you’re willing to approach it with a bit of patience and afford it a few listens, you’ll find yourself rewarded greatly for it. For any flaws this EP has, it has enough great qualities to make up for it. Mayweather show a lot of potential on this EP, and it’s going to be an exciting ride seeing where they take themselves in the years to come.


  1. Take Back Everything
  2. Horror Scene
  3. Lions Cage
  4. Sinking In
  5. Renegade

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