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Digital Dream Sequence


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Totally crazy and eccentric, really the album title describes it all.


90 / 100

Trioscapes started out as something casual, but after finding their groove and releasing a well-received debut album in 2012 the band has gained a nice little following. This time around with new album, ‘Digital Dream Sequence,’ the group feels like they have established a sound for themselves with bassist Dan Briggs stating, “after two years of touring, playing together, and casually working on new music, we really gelled and established more of a sound.”

Equally known for bringing great live energy, you can definitely see how that translates from the very first song, an upbeat and totally eccentric mixture of styles. The layers and bold elements on the title track are intense and, put simply, it only gets better from there.

The saxophone excels, and a mixture of flutes, guitars and interesting electronic distortions bombard your eardrums on ‘Stab Wounds.’ There are so many things going on here and it can get a little confusing but it’s so strange and unique that you can’t press stop.

While only five tracks long, ‘‘Digital Dream Sequence’ packs a punch with songs ranging from three minutes to album finale, ‘The Jungle,’ coming in at 15 minutes. The aforementioned sends off the record perfectly, encompassing a loud and deliberate delivery as well as a more peaceful and sombre front mixed within.


‘Digital Dream Sequence’ is a unique album in a fundamental sense. Layers of bass, electronics, flutes and saxophone combine to make one colossal, crazy and utterly intriguing masterpiece. Trioscapes have managed to capture their great live presence and turn it into a record.


1. Digital Dream Sequence

2. Stab Wounds

3. From Earth to the Moon

4. Hysteria

5. The Jungle

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