Ill Nino – Till Death, La Familia



Till Death, La Familia


Victory Records




For Fans Of

Nonpoint - P.O.D


An album with a high emphasis on breakdowns and electronic influences.


65 / 100

Since their debut album in 2001 Ill Nino have been a polarising proposition. They’re a band that is met with mixed responses. Popular albums have competed against some averagely received albums through the career. Most recent album, ‘Till Death, La Familia,’ proves to be a less heavy, more pop/electronic influenced approach to they band’s known brand of nu-metal, and again, it’s indifferent and open to personal preference.

The electronic influence is evident from the first few seconds of opening track, ‘Live Like There’s No Tomorrow,’ which combines this electronic vibe with some breakdowns. It definitely is a catchy introduction but falls short of any “wow” factor with a more generic sound.

There are some heavier moments though, with single, ‘Not Alive In My Nightmare’ giving us a shredding guitar solo and some fast grooves backed up by solid percussion. The switch between vocal styles is also carried out smoothly with this track and others like, ‘Are We So Innocent,’ switching between harmonious cleans and ferocious screams.

‘Pray I Don’t Find You’ proves a fun and stand out track, beginning with menacing spoken words and a singular guitar line, building up and up before the song moves into a fast, head banging anthem. Along with a well-placed guitar solo this period shows experimentation that pays off well and brings the full-length up.

The bongos, which make an appearance all throughout the album, also add a cool edge, while the catchy style of clean vocals are really enjoyable. All in all, as this album comes to an end, there are some definite high points. However, ultimately, while fun, ‘Till Death, La Familia’ lacks memorability.


‘Till Death, La Familia’ has some catchy moments, with a heavy influence on both breakdowns and synths/electronics. It shows Ill Nino stepping away from their heavier sound. It’s an engaging and mostly upbeat album, which will please dedicated fans, but unfortunately fall short of anything more grand.


1. Live Like There’s No Tomorrow

2. Not Alive in My Nightmare

3. I’m Not the Enemy

4. Blood is Thicker Than Water

5. Are We So Innocent

6. Pray I Don’t Find You

7. World So Cold

8. Dead Friends

9. Breaking the Rules

10. Payaso

11. My Bullet

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