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This band "wins" pop-punk.


98 / 100

FUCKING FINALLY! A band that “gets” pop-punk!

There’s a high chance you haven’t heard of Rochester, NY band, Storm the Bay and you need to change that. Right now. In fact, go listen to ‘High Fidelity ‘ from their debut self-titled album. Then come back and listen to us rave about this band.

From beginning to end, ‘Storm the Bay‘ is an absolute masterpiece of core beats, cranked up guitar tunes and pop-melodies. Every single second of this album just shines out in the starkest of contrast against their pop-punk brethren. We implore you to find a part of this record that isn’t damn right catchy and spine-tingling.

Let’s take the aforementioned ‘High Fidelity‘ for example. The verses and pre-choruses charge along at a fantastic speed that sets the pace for the song perfectly, right before the track launches into a huge sing-a-long chorus. Every moment just captures you and doesn’t let you go, pulling you into the band’s aesthetic for well after the sound waves encompass your ear canal.

Expanding on the opening statement, the reason this band just “gets it” is because they write the kind of pop-punk that isn’t whiney and annoying but honest and passionate. This isn’t boring and overly familiar, it’s inspiring and captivating. It’s the kind of pop-punk where every chorus or hook is as catchy and as empowering as the next.

The Terminal‘ takes a cue from fellow pop-punk heavyweights Real Friends by having a different kind of ballad. Instead of a grand piano track laced in a minor key, it’s a beautifully, filled out song that holds nothing but vocals and electric guitar.

Yet what will either make you cringe or jump from your seat in excitement is that this group sounds like All Time Low from the ‘The Party Scene’ era; and just how great was that record?! There’s a roughness to the mixing of ‘Storm the Bay‘ that gives it a warm and welcoming feeling all through out, which also makes it hard to put down.


Grandiose praise and strong recommendations aside, this is a solid record. Whether approaching this with a subjective tone or in a dispassionate manner, ‘Storm the Bay’ simply excels.


1) Bronson
2) They Live
3) RocknRolla
4) Memento
5) Sleepers
6) Wanderlust
7) Dog Day Afternoon
8) High Fidelity
9) Equilibrium
10) The Terminal
11) Waiting 


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