Upon A Burning Body – The World Is My Enemy Now


The World Is My Enemy Now


Sumerian Records




For Fans Of

Whitechapel, Chelsea Grin, Thy Art Is Murder


A big collection of hit and miss moments for the Texas metallers.


65 / 100

Upon A Burning Body‘s third LP, ‘The World Is My Enemy Now‘ is a solid album, but most of the time it’s just a big hit and a miss situation for the band.

The 40 minute affair is just average at best. When stacked against the new releases from Chelsea Grin and Whitechapel, it can’t really compete against its contemporaries. While this is a tight, cohesive sound being struck here, it’s just not as exciting as many would like it to be. The breakdown sections, of which there are many, are decent enough though. ‘Middle Finger To The World‘ and the eponymous track have a grand, heavy sound to them, but they’re generic and predictable.

There is a distinguishable mainstream approach to the song writing this time, with distinct verses and choruses. This is mainly prevalent in the singles, ‘Scars‘ and ‘Red Razor Wrists‘. At times the band delves into their older style (‘Fountain of Wishes‘) and also try to sound more like bands such as Thy Art Is Murder (‘Pledge Your Allegiance‘), but it just feels like a rip-off. However, they do try and pull in some new instrumentation with string sections (‘Judgement‘) and cleaner choruses with even a bit of synth (‘I’ve Earned My Time‘ and ‘Blood, Sweat, and Tears’).

There’s also a short acoustic guitar track in the form of ‘A Toda Madrè ò un Desmadrè‘, which just feels out of place with its rather South American feel and timbre, and doesn’t help the overall flow of the album at all.


Like their past two releases, ‘The World Is My Enemy Now’ is Upon A Burning Body aiming for bigger and better things. Yet like those two albums as well, it’s just another average metal record.


1. Red Razor Wrists

2. Scars

3. Fountain of Wishes

4. Bring the Rain

5. Pledge Your Allegiance

6. The New Breed

7. A Toda Madrè ò un Desmadrè

8. Judgment

9. The World Is My Enemy Now

10. Blood, Sweat, and Tears

11. I’ve Earned My Time

12. Middle Finger To The World

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