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Gemini, Her Majesty


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70 / 100

Rx Bandits can join the list of bands who never really broke up, or toured for the last time, despite many claims that would indicate so. Money is a good driver, as is the creation of a new fundraising opportunity in which fans will give you money to record and album, something that wasn’t in existence in the band’s heyday.

So with a successful PledgeMusic campaign behind them, the band created their new album ‘Gemini, Her Majesty,’ a throwback of sorts to their earlier sound, minus the horns, but with plenty of prog. The group set some groove in early with the bass led opener ‘Ruby Cumulous’ that paves the way for some guitar riffage and gentle vocals. The band opts to keep the reggae feel present throughout their sound despite the lack of the obvious elements they once had which led them down the ska path.

The record is laced with subtle electronics that give a more modern sound to the group but they can still belt out a straight forward rocker if they need to. ‘Stargazer’ is the best example of this, huge chorus lines and fast paced verses, the guitars do all of the talking. The mid-way point of the record holds a highlight, ‘G2G’ which mixes some Battles like instrumentation with a straight-forward up-tempo alternative rock number.

The reggae feel comes in the strongest with ‘Meow! Meow! Space Tiger’, which is roughly the point where the album begins to get far less inventive and experimental. ‘Penguin Marlin Brando’ is relatively uninteresting and out of place, while album closer ‘Future, Buddy’ sticks to a simple repeated riff with lounge style verses but fails to offer smooth execution.

Lyrically, the album stays romantic, dealing with love in the form of something real and also not-so much, one night stands pop up a little, and then we shoot out to space and get a little existential to make sure that the curtain isn’t pulled back too far.


There is quite a lot of promise in the beginning half of this album, Rx Bandits have modernised their sound and it is an enjoyable listen. Unfortunately things get a little stale towards the end but, for the most part, the band is on top of their song-writing game.


1. Intro

2. Ruby Cumulous

3. Wide Open

4. Stargazer

5. Fire To The Ocean

6. G2G

7. Will You Be Tomorrow

8. Meow! Meow! Space Tiger

9. 1995

10. Penguin Marlin Brando

11. Future, Buddy


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